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Underworld Shield Gun Build

Started by elkad, Sep 27, 2020, 06:12 pm

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Reference: https://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=10622.0

I'm staring of by making it out of cardboard, to get my size right.

Shield Gun001.jpgShield Gun002.jpgShield Gun003.jpgShield Gun004.jpgShield Gun005.jpg


Got a little more done on this project. Made the 6 hexagon panels that go around the edge & part of the handle grip.

Shield Gun012.jpg

I cut out 3 stencils of the grip & glued them together.

Shield Gun006.jpg

I made a hole in the gun box to slide the handle in tight & a panel to cover the bottom. (Thinking about the panel cover, should I make the battery pack in the gun box, to be level or in the trigger rail that will be down the back?)

Shield Gun007.jpgShield Gun008.jpgShield Gun009.jpgShield Gun010.jpgShield Gun011.jpg


I finally got some time to do a little more on my project. I've bin busy with my grandma, she's a fall risk & can't be left alone.

I cut off the tip of the gun & put some slats to attach back to the main body. This could be used to change out the head from a full shield to a basic head fitting.

Shield Gun013.jpgShield Gun014.jpgShield Gun015.jpg

I also glued down the handle & the arm arch under the body.

Shield Gun016.jpgShield Gun017.jpg

All I have to do is make the battery pack & trigger, the full shield attachment, the emitters, & various touch ups.


Looks like you are off to a great start.
This is going to be another winner!!

Looking forward to seeing more.



Good on you for taking care of your Grandma.  Hope she's doing well.  Take all the time you need on the shield gun.
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


I couldn't find a clear table in the house, luckily my brother has on at his place.

I'm making the full shield attachment. And now that I think of it, I could have used one of the octagonal shield pieces to just outline the individual section on a large cardboard, instead of making so many parts that I have to glue back together on a layer of poster-board.
Oh well, trial & error...error..error...error...shutting down..END OF LINE.

I also found looking back at the screencaps, the sides of the shield are rounded. So, I'll have to shave that down once it drys. The next post will be the battery pack & trigger.

Shield Gun018.jpg


Quote from: Volpone on Nov 13, 2020, 01:42 amGood on you for taking care of your Grandma.  Hope she's doing well.  Take all the time you need on the shield gun.

Thanks :)


I glued a poster board to the back to hold it together & cut the holes for the emitter dome & the target veiw port.

Shield Gun019.jpg

I looked closely at a pic of the captain holding a guard shield gun & it looks as if the battery pack is attached to a swivel bar that locks into place for storing away. Since I'm making a cardboard prop & no idea on how to make a cardboard lock, it will have to swing freely.
I made a rod out of rolled paper tube, & several one eyed skull like pivots. The tube attaches to the bar & the white hinges attach to the gun handle. The hinges slide freely on the tube.

Shield Gun020.jpgShield Gun021.jpgShield Gun022.jpgShield Gun023.jpgShield Gun024.jpg

Next is the battery pack, many a bigger box.

Shield Gun025.jpgShield Gun026.jpg

Now the communicator control panel. Like on the Pirate Planet psychic interference transmitter, there are panels on the top & bottom with.. ah.. I don't know how to describe it,... line grooves, 4 positive & 3 negative.

Shield Gun027.jpgShield Gun028.jpgShield Gun029.jpgShield Gun030.jpg

I made a speaker grill out of plastic mesh & made a button & indicator light by cutting circles in 4ths, additional cutting is required to fit a dome shape. I then layered it in scrap paper.

Shield Gun037.jpgShield Gun033.jpgShield Gun034.jpgShield Gun035.jpgShield Gun038.jpg

The next thing is the emitter. That is going to be tricky. The emitter is a rounded acrylic bar on a round dome. Anyone know how to cut cardboard to fit a round shape on a round object?


I'm sure you'll work it out.   You're doing well with all your other card manipulations so far!


I had a loading problem. (NO MESSAGE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS IMAGE) or something like that.


Another little detail, the thumb rest & handle ball at the end.

Shield Gun062.jpg

The acrylic I have is 1/2" thickness. So, the overall thickness for the emitter will be 2 - 1/2" blocks, or 1" & another block on top.

Shield Gun047.jpgShield Gun048.jpgShield Gun049.jpgShield Gun039.jpgShield Gun040.jpgShield Gun041.jpgShield Gun042.jpgShield Gun043.jpgShield Gun044.jpgShield Gun050.jpgShield Gun045.jpg


I made sure I put centering lines up on the dome & the emitter for a straight fit.
I couldn't quite figure out how to stencil or measure out an accurate way to mount the emitter, so I just put the emitter as close to the lineup as possible & traced around the piece.
I cut inside the line to give a little room for error & a snug fit.

Shield Gun051.jpgShield Gun052.jpgShield Gun053.jpgShield Gun054.jpg


It may not be acrylic,, but I still like to figure out how to wire my prop when it comes down to it.
I soldered some white LED's on copper wire & threaded it threw the prop, learning I would have to make some larger cuts in the PVC prop handle when I get to it later.

Shield Gun055.jpgShield Gun060.jpgShield Gun061.jpgShield Gun056.jpgShield Gun057.jpgShield Gun058.jpgShield Gun059.jpgShield Gun063.jpg


As for the red tinted acrylic targeting window. I found a small panel was placed behind the hole cut for it & not cut to fit the hole. So, a cardboard panel with red Christmas rapping paper will do for this cardboard prop.

Shield Gun064.jpgShield Gun065.jpgShield Gun066.jpg

I not done yet. I still have to cut off a section of the side of the shield. I found the sides are not symmetrical to the octagonal shape panels but curved half way across. And tape down the black lines on the panels. If I made a one piece shield all I'd have to do is color the line instead of specifically thick size tape.
SO, my compass is to small to mark off the cut line I need for the sides of the shield, so I have to make a makeshift compass to do the job. And as for the black tape, I have to find or cut the correct thickness to get that done.
I also want to paint it. That means I'll have to get a brush paint for detail work, & get out some scrap cardboard for testing out the circle scratch pattern for the front of the shield.