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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by Cardinal Hordriss, May 15, 2017, 09:43 am

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Cardinal Hordriss

So there are some really terrific builds of both consoles and boxes on this forum and I was wondering if anyone had taken out insurance on their creations?

I'm not really considering doing it myself, it should be covered by contents. My console isn't half as good as the majority on this forum but if I were to add up the cost of all the switches, the wood, the plastic for the column, the paint, some components are found bits and one offs, then there's the construction time, I would dread anything nasty happening to it.

When I see some of the builds hereabouts which must be worth thousands I was wondering what you do to keep them safe.
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This is an excellent question, CH, and now I'm wondering why it's never been asked before. I mean, when you're talking a console build, the cover for the column - whether one of the console-to-ceiling once from the TVM to the present, or one of the Classic Series ones - you're looking at a plastic cover that can cost as much as a full-scale TARDIS build (and in US dollars the average is $600-$800). Then as you say, the odd components that are hard to find, or those one-offs, not to mention the electronics since many people are using Arduinos and Raspberry Pis so each control activates a sound.

So consoles and TARDISes can cost equally as much to build, and for like any work of art - which many of these builds are - insurance would be a good idea. I'm curious to hear what our members have to say on this one.

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