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Started by markofrani, Sep 23, 2016, 07:18 pm

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The way they recorded episodes in those early days (i.e. not always in the order in which they were aired; that is to say, they could have recorded Ep 3 before Ep 2, but once the entire story was complete the episodes aired in the right order - which could explain some of the discontinuity we've seen at times), is it probable that work on the refurb could have started during "The Savages", and that those knobs were added at some point during the filming?

The TARDIS wouldn't have been in every episode so they could have started on parts that "normally" wouldn't be seen on screen, like the back doors. It would explain why the knobs aren't there in this photo, but are in what may be a later photo/screen grab from "Savages".

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Ah... I may be confusing seeing the door knobs with seeing the rear doors themselves... sorry to take things off on a brief tangent lol


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No worries, Jamie. Goodness knows I'm guilty of taking things off on tangents. (At least your tangent was related to the thread. Mine aren't so lucky at times. :P)

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Quote from: Tony Farrell on Jun 22, 2017, 03:17 pm
There's this one but, I can't see any door knobs on the rear doors.

Savages (1).jpg

Perhaps Jonathan/Markofrani has a larger (clearer) version?


I love that the crew memeber in the bacground is sat on the scale model TARDIS used for long shots ;D