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Thickness of sheets for TYJ build

Started by little_logopolitan, Aug 12, 2016, 07:31 pm

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I'm about to embark on my first build with my 13 year old son after much, much reading, including diaries of people's experiences. I have my own annoated plans based upon everything that I've found here and elsewhere.

However, the only thing that is still bugging me is what thickness of wood should be used (it's gonna be outdoor, so External Ply or Marine wood is going to be my main material), especially to create the rectangles? I know that people have made various choices, but based on the TYJ version, how deep should the panels be? I'm guessing between 1/2" and 1", but I'm fussy about detail.

Cheers in advance.


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Well, I'm not all that up on the TY-J box and the panel depth (not my most favorite version), but I have worked with marine ply during my 29-year career in the U. S. Coast Guard. It looks great because it's so smooth, but it will delaminate just like regular external ply especially of you don't seal the edges all the way around - and I mean completely seal them. Also, marine ply is far more expensive than external ply, so you'll have to look at the two side by side and make that call. (Just because it's "marine" ply doesn't mean it's impervious to weather; it's not; it just costs more.)

If you're planning to use the ply for the rails and stiles that make the recessed panels, then you'll have loads more edges to seal. If you're planning to use 1 x 4s (or 1 x 6s and rip them to the exact size of the rails and stiles), you're going to want the pressure treated kind, and again you'll need to seal the ends of the timbers, as well as where the rails/stiles meet the ply or water will get behind the rails and start rotting things from behind... but I'm guessing from your post and what you've read that you already know that much.

It's mainly the marine vs. external ply and the sealing of its edges that I wanted to stress, and hopefully you found that helpful.

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I believe the panel depth should be 1 inch for TYJ.
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I took a sneaky measurement when I was there last and I made it about 3/4" (20mm)

The depth might vary from side to side though...


Thanks for the replies. I'm going to go with 3/4" for the panel depth. Material wise, I'm going to go with marine wood. Exterior treated ply gets mixed reviews in the UK. I know that it'll still need treating, etc..

Any other 'sneaky measurements' before we get going? I know that there's been debate about the corner post width, but from my own models and reading, I'm going with the view that their total width is 7".


Quote from: little_logopolitan on Aug 14, 2016, 11:40 amAny other 'sneaky measurements' before we get going?
The central divider (between the door/wall panels depth) is around 10mm, as is the depth of each of the steps beneath the sign boxes...

Like I said earlier, this was only on one side. We have a sneaky feeling that all the parts of the TJY's have been developed at different times, to different sizes, and at some point mixed and matched between the boxes ;)


We really appreciate that, thank you.


Glad to help. Look forward to seeing progress pictures :)