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List of existing Police boxes

Started by domvar, Sep 17, 2011, 08:57 am

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woop found another one, bit knackered, is undergoing restoration at Coventry transport museum



Nice find Dom.

That is exactly the same as the one I had, although mine was beyond repair.  :'(


Do you know where yours came from ?

Do you still have any of the parts ?


It was a Coventry City Police box. The only thing I have left is the base of the lamp which still has a bit of grille on it and the amber lens.

I did also get an original police cape from the same era which I intended to display within the box when restored.

Still makes me sad and a little annoyed.



I wonder how many UK police officers are Whovians and get a little thrill whenever they have occasion to use a call box. someone kindly take a poll. any bobbys on this board?
It's always a matter of time...


I was a Special Constable for a number of years and after all the training etc we had to pick which division we would prefer to be posted at. I selected Central primarily because I knew the Town Hall box was under that division.

Have to say I was always thrilled to use the box (and often called in even if I had no reason to  ;D) and when I left I kept a copy of the key!

Although the Sheffield Police Box is green it did share the TARDIS inward opening door so if I'm absolutely honest I may have done "Doctor Who style entrances and exits" on a number of occasions  :-[ lol


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Restored Coventry police box. Sadly without glass in the windows, no lamp and an oddly modern phone outside the cubby hole/phone cupboard.



Love the box, but I love that Triumph 2000 police car as well!