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Door entry frame reference images?

Started by cruelflames, Jul 31, 2016, 07:00 am

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Hi there,

Has anyone got a good reference set of images or a vector image of the Gallifreyan script on the door entry frame?

Thanks in advance :D


Aug 01, 2016, 04:43 am #1 Last Edit: Mar 02, 2018, 11:28 pm by Scarfwearer
I would suggest browsing through the TARDIS Reference Section. There are loads of images in there and some good threads to browse through. Also you can try playing around with this: Google Interactive TARDIS Interior.

Other than those suggestions, this is the best I've got at the moment:

I hope some of this is helpful.

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Thanks Dino! I did try the google maps link earlier but couldn't get a clear angle of the door, probably because I started from the console and couldn't get anywhere close to it lol

This will come in handy, much appreciated.


Aug 02, 2016, 01:37 pm #3 Last Edit: Aug 02, 2016, 02:54 pm by galacticprobe
You're welcome, cruelflames. When you use the Google app to move around inside the TARDIS, you can use the "<" arrows to get around, and then click and drag the image to reposition yourself. I think - depending on your mouse - the roly wheel will let you zoom in on things. Here are a few more images I screen grabbed while playing around inside:

Zoomed in on the top of the door frame. You can see how the frame - at least the part with the symbols on it - is made from separate panels. The seams where each section joins are quite visible. (Now I wonder if they're visible on screen?)

TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-02.jpg    TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-03.jpg   TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-04.jpg
This is the left side (looking at the main doors) going from top to bottom, again zoomed in some for better detail. You can see more seams where the panels join on their way down. (I'm not sure how things will line up, but with a better photo editor than I've got on this computer, I'm sure someone could piece these together for a long image of the left side frame. Even with just these, the symbols should be easy to create and line up.) It also looks like the symbols fade our once they get below floor level; either that, or the angle and lighting is all wrong to see the lower part. (Then again, how many of us can afford to dig a large enough hole to make the under console area? Well, maybe if someone has an outbuilding, like a barn or some such, they could build the under console area at ground level and then build the console area above it, like the actual set is constructed. But I'm digressing.)

TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-05.jpg   TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-06.jpg   TARDIS-DoorframeSymbols-07.jpg
This is the right side of the door frame following things from top to bottom, looking at the Main Doors. Again you can see the seams where each panel comes together, and how the symbols fade out below floor level.

And mow for some super zoomage (and yes; I just made that word up: zoomage - the act of zooming in on an object to get the best view of it with the intent to get the best photo or screen grab of the details; Oxford English Dictionary, please take note.)

This is the top of the door frame, zoomed in on it as far as things would let me zoom in. Great view of the frame, the individual panels in the frame, and the Gallifreyan symbols.

Center frame top...

...and the other corner.

So, cruelflames, give the Google interactive interior another shot. Move around with the arrows, or just clicking in the general area of where you want to be, then click and drag to move your view around the area, and try the roly wheel (or glide-top mouse like I've got - which doesn't make things easy to zoom in or out the way you want) to see if you can zoom in like this and then get some screen grabs of the door frame. (You may want to crop things like I did to get the relevant parts because the grabs will have everything on your screen in it.)

Okay... so it looks like the symbols do fade out once they get below the entryway catwalk. There looks like a faint symbol on that near bottom corner, but it's really hard to tell. This is the zoomed in image taken from one of the mezzanines. At one time it was possible to get all the way to the lowest level and actually move around and look at the under console area, including the "storage chests" around the lower column, but I couldn't get down that far. So, this is the best image of the bottom of the door frame I could get. Maybe someone else has a browser that will let them get to that lowest level and closer to the door frame bottom.

One thing I can see - unless my stanky old wizzard eyes are seeing things - is that the horizontal panel seems to be one piece. The only seams I can see down there are where the side panels meet the bottom panel. There could be symbols down there, but they're certainly not as visible (vibrant?) as the ones across the frame's top or on the sides. (What does everyone think?)

I hope this is helpful.

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No More

With a bit of trial and error you can find some better angles for the left and right lower corners - but I couldn't (so far) find a way to get below the main console area to get the middle.  These images do however show that
(1) it looks like the design does extend fully onto that lower area and it's just a trick of the lighting that made it look like they were fading out;
(b, or 2) it looks like the bottom edge is made up of (at least) 2 strips like the top edge is
(iii) we may be best off looking to see if there's a decent screen grab off an HD image from an episode where they're below the main console (e.g. "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS").


You may be able to capture higher-resolution grabs off Google Maps but I'm not sure if we'll get any extra detail - they're already getting a bit fuzzy at this size, though Dino's screenshots above look like they're zoomed in more and still a good level of detail.


Aug 03, 2016, 06:52 pm #5 Last Edit: Aug 03, 2016, 07:14 pm by galacticprobe
Great work, No More! Once I saw your post I went back and did some more playing around. (It's not as easy as it used to be when this thing first came out.) Anyway, before that, so I don't re-invent the wheel, here's your image of that lower left corner sharpened a little:
The symbols are a little clearer, and that is definitely a seam along the bottom edge piece. This part of the frame is probably put together the same way as the top of the frame. (It would only make sense, and you'll see in just a few.)

So after playing around for a while...
I stumbled all the way downstairs! Yay! Good news! (Sort of.)
The bad news? This is as far as I could go "downstairs". I could zoom in on that storage compartment, but I couldn't move around it. All I could do was get a good look at that, and the doorway (which is behind me here). Those other set of stairs that led down, the ones closer to the door (on the left and right sides of the mezzanine; you can see them here), only put me back up on the console platform.

But not to be outdone by some interactive app...
A better look at the lower right corner of the doorframe. Again, notice that seam on the horizontal piece below the entry catwalk. This confirms the construction below is the same as above.

Not sure if this or the next image will show the symbols any better, but I'm aiming for that center panel now; the corners are pretty well defined thanks to No More's initial playing around, which sort of made me want to play around to see what else I could come up with. Anyway, here's this one, and then the last (at least for now):

The symbols on top are definitely different than those on the bottom, and that middle panel under the entry catwalk is going to be a bear to figure out (unless someone takes the TARDIS Set Tour and manages to snap a good image of that part - maybe with a good telephoto lens, if they can get to that lower level during the tour - which I've heard is a 'sometimes yes, sometimes no' deal with the tour). Still, at least we have the symbols for the entire doorway frame, except for that one panel.

I hope everyone likes these.

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Thanks, wow you guys are quite thorough  :D

Since we have a 95% ish complete image I'm now working on vectorising the design. I'll post it up when it's ready.
I'll probably leave the unknown parts blank for now.


Aug 05, 2016, 05:01 pm #7 Last Edit: Aug 05, 2016, 05:01 pm by galacticprobe
Well, the only real unknown part is that one center panel under the entry catwalk, but I think we have enough glimpses of what's there between the right side image you posted, and the left side I posted, that some educated "guess" could be made of what that panel looks like. At the least it could always be modified later on, and for now would give us a complete set of symbols for the door frame.

So don't leave that one panel blank; take what we've got and give it your best "guesstimate"! <as the cheers roar for encouragement>

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Oct 03, 2016, 05:06 am #8 Last Edit: Oct 03, 2016, 05:15 am by galacticprobe
A little more detail on the symbols across the center bottom of the entry doorframe:

This image is cropped and lightened from the one The14thDr posted in this thread ( I know it's not the best of images, but it was a grab from someone's YouTube video taken during one of the TARDIS set tours. This was as sharp as I could get the image, and at least it does show more of that center panel under the main entry catwalk than the ones you can get from the Google Maps TARDIS interior.

(Great post with that, 14th!)

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Hi all

Did anyone manage to draw the symbols of this door frame or vectorized them ?


May 09, 2020, 09:13 pm #10 Last Edit: May 09, 2020, 09:13 pm by davidnagel
Pretty sure they are all reused from


Unfortunately, they don't.  :-[ It was the first thing that I've checked.

'Course, there are similarities but not the same symbols from the rotor.


Hi everyone

Well... maybe I can try to draw the symbols.  I'm not an expert in drawing and I don't have sophisticated tools like Photoshop.  However, with some help and tips, mostly about drawing, I think I coud get there.  I've already have some "strategies" to start with the knowledge I have.

Before, a doubt: is it better start a new topic or continue this one ?


I would start a thread.  This is a reference page for the actual prop.  When you work on your build--physical or virtual--it gets its own thread in the appropriate forum.  :)
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That's ok !  I thank you guys.

The only thing is that, for a new thread, I was thinking about open it here in "References", since another work similar to that I want to do, drawing symbols, is in "Reference": Final TARDIS Rotor/Whirligig Symbols.

The "Virtual" forum would be more appropriated for a new thread about this kind of drawing?