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1:6 Scale Hartnell Console Room

Started by ritchie409, Mar 02, 2017, 09:04 am

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I've left a model of the "bird" table printing at work last night on our Polaroid 250s 3D printer, to retain as much detail as possible I've had to print in two halfs which will take a grand total of 3 days to print  :o progress pics to follow


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Well first half printed now printing the second

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Is that 'as is' straight from the printer? If so there's a really good level of detail and looks like minimal clean up needed
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Not quite I've removed all the structure supports which was a nightmare, I'll upload a pic of the next half before I clean it up away with work for the weekend so I've left it printing will be ready by Monday morning


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Great job, ritchie409! But before you post your next Update and set of photos (to save our necks), check out this post: It may explain why your images are posting sideways. The blue letter paragraph is the important if you're using a mobile device to take and post photos.

It makes it easier to appreciate all of the hard work and detail that you've put into this when the image is upright.


EDIT: I see one of the Mods reoriented the photos. That Eagle Stand looks even better now! Brilliant job!
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