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What's with the windows here?

Started by nebula1253, Jul 16, 2016, 04:17 pm

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This photo is from the late Troughton era.
(Video from where this was taken:
The right side window is upside down!

tony farrell

Hi Nebula,
The video you've been looking at is a 'mish mash' of many stories - Moonbase, Power of the Daleks, The Chameleons, Evil of the Daleks, Tomb of the Cybermen and various photo-novels to name but a few.

The two bright chrome handles on the screen-grab you've posted dates this individual shot to somewhere between The Invasion and Seeds of Death. I think it is a model shot from The Krotons but, I'd have to double check that for you.



It is indeed from the end of the Krotons, right before the credits roll.  (I was curious myself, couldn't help looking it up!)


Thanks for identifying the story, Dalex and Tony Farrell!
The question still remains though... how did they get that window upside down? ???


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Well, if this is indeed a model shot as suggested, and it certainly looks like one, then it's possible the model-makers just got it wrong. There are times in some Troughton stories where you'll see a TARDIS model shot with the TARDIS sporting a bright St. John Ambulance logo on the right door, and that logo went bye-bye during the full scale prop's refurb during the Hartnell story "The War Machines".

When you're looking at model shots like this, especially during the Classic Series, it's almost expected to see continuity errors in the TARDIS' appearance. (Remember, this was a kids' show way back then, and no one ever thought that in 40-some-odd years there would be a crazy group of people on a Forum called TARDIS Builders, using their PAUSE button to stop their HD DVDs to scrutinize every aspect of almost every prop to build their replicas of those used in a series that was, for the most part, thought of as disposable at the time (hence all the missing episodes and stories).

So when things like this crop up, it's nice to make note of them, and let everyone know what you've spotted, but it's not worth the fret to try and figure out why the props and model guys from four decades ago got something wrong. Plainly, at the time, they thought it didn't matter and no one would notice. (If they could only have seen into the future, as David Bradley portraying the 1st Doctor did in "An Adventure in Space and Time", letting a small smile slip as he glimpsed Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor at the console, and known just how popular the show would become and how long it would run for, then I'm sure they would have taken more care with the model work, and preserving the episodes.)

That scene in AAiSaT still gets me. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and emotional, but my eyes turn into Niagara Falls no matter how many times I watch that scene.

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