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Eddyc's Etheric Beam Locator

Started by eddyc, Jan 18, 2013, 08:13 pm

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Today's treat is the main tube section.

EBD Main Tube.JPG

The trick is to cut it in half and then insert the parts into the cooling fin section.

You will find that there is a small section of the tube that will stick out of the bottom of the fins that will have to be filed flat.

This is so the section with connect to the tuning block. The part that connects to the base with the screws in it.


Here's the part I call the tuning block, it's the part with the screw in it that connects the tube to the base.

EBD tuning block.JPG


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I know that eddyc hasn't been logged in for a while, but in light of BioDoc's great replica of the Etheric Beam Locator, I thought I'd give this one a "bump" since eddyc was kind enough to provide these great diagrams - with measurements - in case others would like to build one of these (and also remind everyone what the original prop was if you want to try to find an original one on the cheap on eBay, if you're lucky).

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