The Greenlords custom TARDIS console and control room

Started by Greenlord, Jan 01, 2015, 06:56 pm

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Have to agree with you there.
Some people do seem to think these builds spring up out of nowhere...
But the guys on this site & anyone who has ever done any prop building will know that these things take blood, sweat & tears & many MANY hours of concentrated hard work.
Sometimes you can work for hours on one little part of the build, just to get it right, & every part of the build ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will!
So believe me, those many hours of hard work are appreciated & the results speak for themselves!!



Wow, this came out of nowhere! Nice job!


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What can I say? WOW!!! :o :o :o What an update!!

I agree with Dino; I'm loving everything about this build. The walls, the console, the sheer amount of thought and time that must have gone into this! :o

One thing I particularly love is how you've been using the added wall sections to completely change the shape of the shed (I wish I had the room to do this with my TARDIS console room, but alas, my shed isn't big enough for that ::))

Might I ask how big your shed is?

I also love the seating and display shelves that you have added (something I'd like to have in my console room, but again, space :P)

The way that many parts have a sentimental meaning behind them is really awesome (it will make you love your Old Girl even more; especially with all of the work you've clearly been putting into this build)

One final thing I'd like to mention is your back wall roundels; I love the shapes of them!! ;D Do you mind if I copy the design for my TARDIS console room?

I suppose I've said about as much as I can about this build (I could say more, but then we'd be here all century ::))

Again....WOW!!! :o :o
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Thank you all for your kind comments! Its really nice to hear what people  with fresh eyes on the build think, and you're all very supportive!

The14thDr,  you're comment almost as long as my update!  ;D  greatly appreciated, my shed is very close to 12' by 12' (give or take a couple of inches) due to its size there are a number of irritating support beams, but the compromise is well worth it!  I am aware that I am very lucky to have this space...

I have no problem with you using my roundel design, if you like I can post pictures with measurements and further detail on their construction? If that would be helpful...

Again, thankyou all, tis great motivation   :)


Well, what can I say, Greenlord? ;) There's so much in this build that's worthy of special mention; I love every part of it! :D

Thanks for posting the size of your shed, 12x12' is quite a bit larger than my console room (my Old Girl is only 8x6'; smaller on the inside, you might say ;D)

I would greatly appreciate if you could post any more details on your roundels. Thank you. ;D

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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I agree with 14th; I would love to see more on how you made your roundels.

As for this...
Quote from: Greenlord on Aug 16, 2016, 08:35 am
Just send me your time/space coordinates and i'll be round for redocorating 5 minutes ago...   ;)

...this is the best I can do at the moment:
(I'll try to narrow that down a little more if I can! ;D)

Dino (with yet another obscure reference for people to guess at).
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the mister

Wow, big vision for this project! Incredibly creative mate.


This project looks absolutely stunning so far, I really like the creativity and cool-looking intricate parts you've used! Keep up the good work!


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Hello Fellow builders! Long time no update...So I have been doing bits to my TARDIS over the past couple of years since I last updated, but nothing huge... however lockdown is a good time for TARDIS building and I'm at last making good progress!
My vision has changed and evolved since I started (I was about 15/16) so I'm making a few adjustments and if all goes to plan exciting things are coming -I'll post a proper update soon, but for now I'll leave you with this spoiler...IMG_5793.JPG


Looking great!
Love the moody lighting...



It's been long enough, and it's the 60th anniversary this year so thought I'd pull my finger out and post a quick update. Mostly my coral structures inspired by natural forms (corals, animal and bird cells, mushrooms, rock formations etc) with a bit of lighting.

They're only half finished at this point, and I have 4 more to start but you get an idea of how they will look.


I've also started a 3D digital model as a redesign of the console (will I ever get round to realising it is another question altogether)