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Crich photos

Started by chriskingbees, Jun 26, 2009, 01:40 pm

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That's cute.  It fits right in.
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As stated previously, went to Crich yesterday, and while the wife & daughter were occupied in the loo I managed to sneak off with my son and take a 5 minute video of the box, and I managed to get some of the inside as well. After much converting and swearing, I've uploaded it to youtube.

So for all of you Police Box fans who can't justify travelling halfway across the planet just to visit a battered old box in the Derbyshire Dales, this might be the next best thing.

Unfortunately it was quite a bright day so every time I pointed the camcorder up at the roof, it shuttered down.  I've still got my ticket so I can visit again for free anytime in the next 12 months, and since it's only 30 mins up the road I might go on my own and get some serious footage.



Excellent work........... 8) I will be having a look at that  :) 


You know I might be imagining things, but I was just having a lick through You tube, and had a look at the 1993 Police box Documentary that went out before one of the Planet of the Daleks episodes...

About half why in there's a shot of a police woman coming out of a box. If you look at the reflection of her white gloves in the shiny painted inside of teh door, you can see the reflection distorts as it passes over a rectangular track detail cut into the inside of the door... The detail looks to me to be the same detail which is on the outside of the Critch door...

This could be proof that the Critch door was actually hung inside out when it was first built, and the windows and door furniture was fitted...

The upload I saw was very small, and I no longer have the VHS I recorded back in 1993 when this was first shown... I don't know if anyone has access to a better quality version at all, but if they have, maybe they could check and post a couple of screen grabs, just to prove i'm not going mad, or seeing things that aren't there... Or both  :-[

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You mean this bit?



There does indeed seem to be interior detailing like that on the Crich door's outer face - it's much more obvious when watching the moving footage. Still have my original VHS of this somewhere - must do a better transfer sometime.


That's the bit...

If i'm right, and the door has always been hung the wrong way round, its slightly ironic that the only surviving Mark 2 happens to be one that was built incorrectly in the first place... :D

Any one know when the Critch Box was first built?


I've often thought that.

I had a good look around the door and and there is no evidence to suggest it has ever been the "right" way round. I was hoping there would be some sort of tell-tale signs such as hinge marks on the other side or a carefully filled in hole where the lock would have been had the door been hung correctly.

Perhaps back in it's time "on the beat" something happened resulting in a new door being needed and it was hung incorrectly by some fool of a carpenter. ???


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I remember going to visit the Mile end box as a kid. Just had a thought but has anyone ever considered that the Mile end box could be the Crich Box?


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Check out post 110 on this thread from the old board. Seems pretty definite that the box at Crich used to stand at Ealing Broadway.

Including the tantalising evidence that Police Box doors have been hung this way before.  I can confirm that the Mile End box door was identical to the Crich door:


There is also a photo a little further back in this thread, along with pictures of the Mile End box, which shows a box with a chap on horseback.

The box was on/in Wimbledom Common and has the dodgy wrong way round door although has a St John Ambulance plate.

As lorisarvendu says, there was quite a lot of evidence to support the fact of where the box at Chrich came from originally. Of course, a nice newspaper article with pictures of the box being lifted onto a truck would be a nice touch  ;D

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Quote from: mark on Jan 08, 2012, 02:24 am

The box was on/in Wimbledom Common and has the dodgy wrong way round door although has a St John Ambulance plate.

That's nothing. Have you clocked the state of the TARDIS when it landed there!

Definitely an off-day for the chameleon circuit.


Those pesky Wombles, bugger about with anything they do!  :o


could the BBC not do any better than that a shoddy botched job . no wonder it fell apart on Liz sladens head.
But it was just a police box !


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The above photo is actually just a publicity photo. That side with the wrong window frames was thrown together for the purpose. On that particular day the prop was needed in two places at the same time: location filming and studio shoots (good planning there, Auntie Beeb). I don't think the prop appeared with those windows in the story, but sadly that is one of the missing ones so we might never know for sure. But this photo (and several similar ones) was done for publicity only.

By the time the roof dropped on Ms. Sladen's head the prop had undergone many repairs/modifications, and was over 10 years older than it is in this photo. To see just what this original Brachacki went through during its 13-year life, please check out:
This is a very well-researched and in-depth review of all TARDIS props (Cushing boxes excepted).

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I've never spotted the triangular supports in front of the pillars in this pic before now...
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