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Crich photos

Started by chriskingbees, Jun 26, 2009, 01:40 pm

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Angelus Lupus

Looks like they're doing a thorough job of it! The rest of the photos on you linked to are very interesting - the bare (restored) concrete looks lovely even before the new paint.
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Quote from: lorisarvendu on Oct 11, 2019, 11:32 pmThis must have happened hundreds of times, maybe 5 or more for yer average Box. Which would include Crich itself, and the North Blackwall Box. So its quite possible that those two only have these weird "backwards-looking" doors from their last door swap, and maybe they had ordinary doors most of the time. Which means it was acceptable to put a slightly different type of door in back then, so it should be ok to put a "proper looking" door in now. Unless they just want to keep it as it was when they got it.
Scrolling down 2019 posts to get to the latest update and the reversed door discussion.  For years, my pet theory was that they reversed the door because water could run down the flat side with less obstruction, reducing rot.  Not a terrible theory, but I suspect I just...no, maybe not...I wonder if the hinge holes rotted so they just turned the door around.  But if that was the case, they'd have had to fill the lock hole and drill a new lock hole on the other side.  That would probably be more work than just repairing rotted hinge holes. 
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Andrew Harvey

Personally, I love seeing the Boxes like this. There is a certain magic about all the tiny flint inclusions in the concrete mix.... I am easily pleased, a bit of bare concrete and some short grass.... I even love to see old concrete fence posts!


So pleased they are making a proper job of this. Are there links to any larger photos anywhere?

Andrew Harvey

  Fivefingeredstyre, I was annoyed that the pictures they had were all tiny ones! I did have a look around myself to see if there are any more, but all I found are these (following) I have not bothered to look to see whether or not we already have these pictures on here, but if they are then apologies for the repetition. Ive missed out the one showing the windows, as that was certainly here a few days ago!

Crich Box renovations (3).jpg

Crich Box renovations (5).jpg

Crich Box renovations (1).jpg



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Thanks Andrew Harvey!

Those pictures look like my garden over the course of the last 18 months :D

Andrew Harvey

Yes, I noticed a similar theme with your undercoated bits and pieces! Glad the pictures are of some interest!


Quote from: cyberleader1991 on Apr 24, 2006, 10:06 pmWhat's with the right-hand door?  ???

It looks like "flush panel" door construction. A panel the full thickness of the door rails and stiles morticed into them. They are more vandal resistant, harder to kick in. Maybe they had problems there. You can barely see the lines of the panels there after it was painted.


Very interesting, seeing the door open.  Instead of being white, the inside of the door is painted the way the outside would be, lending some credence to the theory that, at some point, the door got flipped for some reason. 

Of course given how long this box has been around--and how many times it has been restored--one cannot rule out that it got painted that way during a restoration. 
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