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Farringdon Road / Stonecutter Street

Started by starcross, Apr 23, 2016, 04:35 pm

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Apr 23, 2016, 04:35 pm Last Edit: Apr 23, 2016, 05:08 pm by starcross
This one is a bit of a trick to see but it is clearly a thin tall object that isn't a person.
Therefore it must be the AP2 in this location in 1947.

Also visible in the Aerial Photo is the CoL 16 Police Box at Blackfriars Bridge.
Not so visible is the CoL 58 AP2 on the South side of the bridge, I think it would be near the stairs on the Southeast side but I can't see anything.
Also not visible is CoL 15 AP2 on the Victoria Embankment by the ship on the far right, the K2 Telephone Box is there and the stone Arches of Temple Pier but not the AP2 by the Lamp Post. There is a blob in the Trees that could be the AP2 at the Curb but that could be anything at this resolution.

HB use those eagle eyes and see if some of those pixels look like a Post or two to you.  ;)

Source: Britain from Above - EAW005232 - 1947
Blackfriars Bridge and environs looking south, London, 1947
CoL 49 - Stonecutter Lane - AP2 - Britain from Above -  EAW005232 - 1947.jpg
CoL 49 - Stonecutter Lane - AP2 - Britain from Above -  EAW005232 - 1947 - All.jpg

Here is the OS Map for the PA3 Location, which means this wasn't moved far when replace c1965.
Source: OS Maps - 1971 - Scale-1:1250
CoL 49 - Stonecutter Street - OS Map - 1971.jpg