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Tardis Hobby Kit

Started by wonders-of-will, Apr 20, 2016, 07:20 pm

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For my design GCSE in school we were given a choice of what to make and in those choices was a hobby kit. I was originally going to make a life size K9 but my teacher and I thought this would be better. I have created a tardis exterior mostly based on the current tardis but with yellow windows to make it seem as though something is happening inside and in the pictures the pull to open and ST ambulance signs are painted on but in the final product they will be stickers. I also decided to make a console to go with it. to create the panels on the console i first designed them on paper then transferred my design on to photoshop and added some color and made a few more minor changes. I then printed these out on to sticky paper and transferred them onto my test piece which is in the pictures. my design for the time rotor is loosely based of McGann's with the center piece of Capaldi's (i haven't got a picture of this yet because i only had enough acrylic to use in my final product which is like a hobby kit with all the pieces in a frame). This Tardis has took many months to design and create using CAD CAM and i am pleased with the result and I hope you are too.10261200_1150763071609052_114220133_n(1).jpg12728509_487348544793453_1041382325_n.jpg12907380_1678592359059370_60925090_n.jpg12950353_1722711041346107_111055350_n.jpgt2.jpgt something.jpg

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Beautiful work, Will!
I like the Bad Wolf paint job the best.

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Nice project! Sort of reminds me of when I built my Old Girl. That was back in 1984. I was working with a block of 4 x 4, other scraps of wood, and varying thicknesses of paper... and with no computers at the time I nearly went blind making my signs.

I wasn't going for any particular version, but she ended up a bit squat and looks more like a prediction of what the Series 1 TARDIS was going to look like. Your plan I think worked out much better than mine did. She looks fabulous. Great job, wonders-of-will! (Though, I might just call you "WoW"... it would be easier to type! ;))

I like your idea for the console as well. You should make a separate Diary for that one. This way you can devote all the console details to one topic, and all of the TARDIS details in another (this one). That way as you update things you and we won't have to weed through the TARDIS updates to get to the console updates and vice-versa. They're both good enough and have enough going on that they each deserve their own Diaries.

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So are you actually going to license that and sell it?
As Soon as I saw it I thought:  that would make an excellent case for my Raspberry Pi lights and sound test test rig.. a few mods to make the windows and sign boxes translucent and a LED in the top light-- maybe  cut some door panels so they can work as buttons...Just about the right size too. Use a single mini exciter driver... Yeah. That would be cool.


I would love to sell it but i dint have a laser cutter of my own to produce more and considering we are leaving school soon, i can't use the one there but i will save the files to a memory stick just in case i ever do get a laser cutter  :)
On a different note, i have almosf finished the instructions for it.20160425_174155.jpg

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I've just added "laser cutter" to my Christmas list, that way I can make one of these too.  ;D

How many versions did you make? I see the blue one, the white one and the "Bad Wolf" one. Are there more?
"Listen. All I have to do is dive into another dimension, find the time traveler, help her escape the monster, get home before the entire dimension collapses, and Bob's your Uncle."

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