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1:1 Hartnell/Troughton Console Build

Started by markofrani, Apr 16, 2016, 07:48 am

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Although my build has ground to a halt for all kinds of boring reasons, I managed to pick up a couple of rare original knobs on Ebay, exactly like the ones that were used on the main levers of the Brachacki console. Unlike the other versions I have seen and used, these knobs are taller with a narrower base. I've given the measurements in case anybody wants to copy them...


KNOB diameter: 62mm, thickness 11mm

BASE 28mm diameter, Height 16mm

From The Power Of The Daleks....
Power of the Daleks_A.jpg


Just bought another Hartnell console component on Ebay! Been looking for these for ages. I think they were fitted on the Troughton console quite late on, but they are still there in Ambassadors From Death. Anyway, for anybody seeking these they are a 2-pin unswitched surface socket...
AMB_2 Pin Unswitched Surface MK Sockets.jpg


Good catch, I can't say I recall noticing them I'd never noticed their hasty installation on the console before and they are a real blast from the past for me.

They were primarily used for domestic lighting circuits - designed to separate standard lamps and the like from from the larger ring main socket outlet circuit. They were really common in houses between the 50's and - I'd guess- late 60's. I say guess, as I was born in 1970 and I've never lived in a house that has had them fitted and functional.

When I started out as an Electrician back in the mid to late 80's we used to remove them wholesale (usually with the aid of a big hammer) every time we did a re-wire...