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Whovian_757's space saver Pertwee console

Started by Whovian_757, Jan 02, 2023, 11:10 pm

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The Plan:

My original idea was to build a console based on the original version of Kenneth Sharp's design with everything aside from the hight scaled to three quarters. I later discovered the Brachacki console's width from corner to corner is 8 inches less than sharps design saving me 6 inches at three quarter scale which was very appealing considering the small space I have available. With all this considered I settled on building the console top to the Brachacki plans, but styling the rest of the console, the rotor and the controls around Pertwee's later years.

The console is being built in two halves split vertically, with the idea that each panel is removable for access to any electronics or to be switched out for completely different panels of my own design. I'm using a mixture of plywood and MDF for the build with the plywood being for the parts that bear the weight.

Build pictures to follow


If anyone has read this yet I'd appreciate some pointers on how to embed images


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OK.  First off, the image limits are fairly small and the board won't resize for you, so you'll have to go into Paint or some image editor and get them down to a pretty small size. 

Next, you can't just use the "Quick Reply" window at the bottom of the thread.  You have to actually click the blue "Reply" button. 

Then, at the bottom of the text window there's a "V" (down-arrow) button with "Attachments and other options" next to it. Just ignore that and click the actual text that says "Attachments and other options".  That will open a menu.  Go to the part where it says "Attach" and either drag your files or click the "ADD FILES" button. 

THEN!  Push the "UPLOAD" button in the box next to your thumbnail. 

BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  Once you've uploaded the file, the box will turn green BUT!  You still have to click the  "INSERT" button.  And (hang on, I gotta see if there's another step).  Nope.  That's it. 

It's kind of clunky but the board crashed a few years back and this is the software they picked when they restored it.  And since I don't have the time, money, or aptitude to come up with something better, I try not to complain too much about it.  Fact is, I'm grateful they took the time to get the board back up and restore most of the old data. :)
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Progress has been slowed due to weather but... Four of the vertical sections with the the base and panel edges cut from 12mm ply have been cut and fitted to the base, the other two I hope to do tomorrow from some 6mm MDF as its what I have to hand and should work nicely with the whole console being built in two halves as there will be actually be 4 posts (2 on each half) that will bolt together to hold the console along with the aluminium channel to hide the join. 3 castors have already been installed on each half of the base. Pictures to follow!


I am very excited for this one...... ☺️



Some more progress photos. Since these were taken I've installed one of the 'table' sections that sits bellow the top panels, one of which I've also cut while getting a little too carried away. Apologies for the partially painted wall, console has taken priority!. ;D