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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by rasalon, Nov 05, 2012, 12:20 am

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oddly enough from the UK, although it is a little smaller and pulls the lock towards the edge of the door (if that sort of thing bothers you)

Gregory Hacienda

Are you using MDF?


2X6, 2X8, MDF 3/4 inch, 5mm plywood



More progress, I'm waiting on the door handels to arrive and I have to do someting about the phone door sign, cant decide the material to use, Is the TV tardis sign made out of metal and painted over white with black letter? ???


It took a while but I got the the hardware and the phone sign on... but the most important thing is that I figured out how to make the inside bigger, now instead of a 4'X4' box It sports an entire library!  [attachid]DSC_0557.JPG[/attach]


Looks great!
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff



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SO I was looking at completed builds the other day and didn't see mine... I was puzzled because I had completed the build 2 years ago ... then I looked at my last post and... ah ha ...

here is an entry of better late than never verity. (my since my last post the my TARDIS acquired its back panel again and materialized near the front door of my house, and its been there ever since. Not sure when it will move again. (probably when the google map people take a picture of it)