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How you attach the roof

Started by pizzaroger123, Feb 14, 2016, 08:00 pm

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Does it just sit there, is there pressure, wat is it   ???. Keep in mind the roof would most likely be one piece and it's supposed to be detachable



It sits there.   Unless you're in gale force winds, it's not going anywhere.  The roof on my outisde 2005 model box has been blown a few inches either way during storms but nothing serious.  Plus if you put the decorative strips on top of the sign boxes they would hold the roof in place unless a Wizard-of Oz style twister lifts the whole thing right off...


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If you're like me and paranoia takes over, you can always buy a few of these hook-and-eye bolt fasteners to help secure your roof in place:
They come in stainless as well as brass (neither of which will rust), and in different sizes. They're inexpensive and you can put the eye bolt on the roof, and the hook on the TARDIS walls (one on each inside), and they'll hold your roof down, especially if you put them in the center of the walls. Or they might be a better fit with one on each corner - whichever works better for your build.

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