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TARDIS Screens

Started by BioDoctor900, Dec 15, 2015, 01:35 pm

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Hi Guys,

So as some of you may know, from time to time, I have a go at replicating the TARDIS Screens seen in different episodes of Doctor Who. So I thought I'd create a thread so that people would be able to see them.

This is my latest, which still requires some tweaking......

It's certainly been one of the easier screens to replicate, but the layering does make it somewhat difficult to know if it works well until it is produced. If anyone is interested I'm using Power Director 12 to edit it all, along with photoshop for the picture elements. I've also added in some green screen effects from videos on YouTube to create the desired effect.

I've got a playlist on my channel of the other screens I've made, some still need work.....

Also on my channel are my Prop Tutorials and my own Doctor Who Audio Series. I hope that these come in use and I am planning at some point to try out some Classic Console Screens



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Nice work, BioDoc! (And a great idea for this Topic as well!) Keep the variations coming!

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Ok guys, so I've been hard at work making some screens, 4 in total, 3 Canon versions and one custom one for anyone who wants one....

Osgood Nightmare Senario :

Plain 2014/14 scanner:

Face The Raven Body Scan:

And a custom screen:

Hope these come in use and if you have any suggestions of ones you'd like to see leave a suggestion



Hi guys,

After waiting over 4 hours using the public WiFi at my local library, I've uploaded another couple of TARDIS Screens to the Playlist on my YouTube channel, one for the TV Movie TARDIS screen and an updated one for the 11th/12th Doctor Console

TV Movie -

11th/12th Doctor -

Hope these come in handy



Wow, very well done!  Definitely professional looking.

Keep up the good work!



I like the TV movie one a lot - though you need to check your spelling on the word "capsule".


Too_Many_Cars, I must say I hadn't noticed that, I spent loads of time trying to match up the audio, Oh well, nothing I couldn't fix



Nicely done!


Ok, so it's been a little while, and I've started to delve into the Classic TARDIS screens.... I blame DavidNagel  :P

Reason being is he's looking at getting a working screen on his season 19 style console, so I've been playing about on Photoshop and Powerdirector to create some.






I've also recorded the pyramid from Logopolis, and that's before this lot in the video.

My question is, are there any other screens people would like to see replicated for their consoles if possible? Being aware that I'm still learning certain bits when it comes to some of making them




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Well, unless I'm wrong (which is entirely possible), wasn't there a diagram of sorts of The Tower of Rassilon on the monitor in "The Five Doctors"? I remember the 5th Doctor explaining about the three entrances to the Tower (which went along with the 2nd Doctor's mumbling of the nursery rhyme he remembered: "Who unto Rassilon's Tower will go, must choose above, between, below.", or something like that).

The 5th Doctor had that Tower diagram on his console screen and talked with the 1st Doctor about getting into the Tower, going for the front door. So maybe that might be a nice one to have?

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So for those who would like to download the TARDIS Screen in the above post, here's the link to it on my Google Drive....

It's in a Zipped file which is 1.08 GB and once unzipped it should be 1.88 GB. Just click the download button and I hope that helps ;D

You can also view it before you download it, here's the link to the YouTube Video....


There was a spelling mistake in the video, so I had to fix it and reproduce it, this is the new link to Google Drive....

And it's also on YouTube again....




Added a couple more videos to the playlist, one isn't a TARDIS screen, but it may come in useful for some....

And the second is a variation of the 2014 - present TARDIS console screen, but with the nebula background....

Hope these help



Hi Guys,

Another couple of TARDIS Screens, these are from "Twice Upon A Time"

These will be put together with the audio from the episode once all the glitch effects are added. Please feel free to use them, but credit me if you do



These would make marvelous static wallpapers for laptop/pc!!


LMAO I love it,   wait a minute, did you put in the twice upon a time fault screen my chameleonic shift theory?  I just noticed the line .......risk of chameleonic shifting
I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"