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Primrodo's Capaldi/Smith 2013 Console Build

Started by ThisJustinOnline, Nov 11, 2015, 05:31 pm

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Great video and I subscribed to your channel.

It's funny, I'm absolutely building my favorite console...and heck even my wife likes it, but I totally jealous of the work you are doing.  You're's a shame we aren't closer and we could park our consoles next to one another along with my Tardis.



Thanks Gregg!

And yeah would be awesome to show, but alas! Look forward to seeing yours done!


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Ditto, Justin! Another great video and more great progress made. I imagine work like that can get a little tedious, but when you stand back once it's done you realize it's well worth it. Great job and I'm already looking forward to the next video installment. I'm really impressed with how well you've captured the look of the actual prop, and the torn-apart console from "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS" really shows that! (If I've said all or part of this before and I'm repeating myself, then you'll have to please forgive me; first off, this is a magnificent build and deserves such repeated praise, and second... it's those pain meds mucking about with my short-term memory again! :P)

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My videos are delayed a day, BUT! I thought I would share what happened this weekend. Although I hope you will also watch the videos when they are up as well! One will be up in the AM.

We got much accomplished in the last two days, first up we started the bottom drawers. They are alright, possibly a part that needs a but of work the most of my build, mostly underestimating how they needed to go but, overall not bad at all.





Sunday we then moved to the finishing touches. I have SO MUCH filling to do and sanding but in the end these will look amazing.


We did do some tweaks to the actual console just for quick and easy construction for Jay. He was such a big help and met me half way on accuracy at times.


We moved everything outside to get ready for the final test of our labours!



Did it work? Can it all fit together?





The FINAL test....How will it ft in my office?! This thing is MASSIVE!





And here...we....go!


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I'm definitely looking forward to that next video. But until then, since I lack the words, let's settle for...


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That is fantastic!
Beautiful crisp, clean lines. I love it.
There are some wonderful consoles on this site, & this is looking like it's going to rank up there with the very best of them!
I sooooo wish I had room to build one of these!

Ps: Love the dog,too!!



It stinks I like this build better than mine.

So how long before you put color on it?


Thanks everyone!!

I will be doing paint etc after filling, sanding and cutting out all the panel parts likely. I want to make sure all is done the first time so I am revising my drawings and going from there!




Here are some of the things I have so far, adjusting my templates to match real sizes and cutting corners where I can. We shall see what I can do!

The smaller gauges are for my custom panel and you can see how well they match the galvanometer.



This is the most awesome console I've ever seen!!!! The work is so beautiful. I'll be watching this build closely. This is my favorite new series console, and you've done a brilliant job so far.


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Another great video, Justin! And I have to agree with The Jason on (almost) everything he said. (It's the part about this being the favorite console where we differ; The Jason loves it, but I'm not all that crazy about it.) However everything else he said I wholeheartedly agree with. You're doing this console great justice with the precision you're taking to it.

It's also nice to see that your stock of controls has come in - or at least some of it has. (And to think that I used to have a galvanometer; only mine was square, and years ago I donated it to an electronics school in the area. I donated a lot of the bits I'd collected throughout my military career to electronics schools, and friends that worked in electronics. I wasn't using them since I retired, and I had no idea what was to come in the future in ways of TARDIS consoles. Now I don't think I'll ever get rid of anything again. One day they'll probably find me dead and buried under all of what I'll have re-collected! ;D)

Keep up the great work, and I'm already looking forward to the next video.

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