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Newbery TARDIS/Tom baker secondary wooden console

Started by cybermat, Sep 27, 2023, 08:55 pm

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Hello everyones. So here it is !

Project started : 15/09/2023 ----- ended (sort of) : 25/09/2023.

Cost : approx 300€ wood + 75€ screws / handles / paint etc etc...

It is not an exact replica, And it's my first big project on wood since my last console !
But I'm very satisfied of the result !
It's not quite finished, but most of the work is done !
As I said, not an exact replica, but the angle measurements of the trapezoids on the console are so difficult ! And even with help, I learned that you can't just copy a plan... each console is unique, and even if you want to replicate as much as you can, each measure, each angle will depend on you're first piece of wood.

As much as I could, I tried to make it look very similar to the 14th season console, and I think it's not bad.

I cut the internal trapezoid, but for the moment there is nothing.
Bought a mini computer to fit in.
For the rest I don't have much ideas right now... So if you have any ideas let me know !
Only condition, I want it to be functionnal ! (first panel will be a computer panel, screen, mini keyboard etc ...)
Even thinked about a second one with mini A4 thermal printer integrated too
Third one with an integrated geiger counter, because why not ?!

But what other option this console should have ?

tardis 18-compressed.jpg

tardis 17-compressed.jpg

tardis 16-compressed.jpg

tardis 13-compressed.jpg

tardis 12-compressed.jpg

tardis 9-compressed.jpg

tardis 10-compressed.jpg

tardis 11-compressed.jpg

tardis 8-compressed.jpg

tardis 7-compressed.jpg

tardis 6-compressed.jpg

tardis 14-compressed.jpg

tardis 15-compressed.jpg

tardis 5-compressed.jpg

tardis 4-compressed.jpg

tardis 3-compressed.jpg

tardis 2-compressed.jpg


This is very nice! Having functional stuff in the panels will be really cool. Don't forget one of the panels was an organizer for paper and small items, like a real desk. Only three panels actually had controls. Look forward to seeing it with the computer and other "controls"