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1/2 Scale Tardis Build Into A Smoker

Started by awol007, Oct 04, 2015, 08:02 pm

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Oct 04, 2015, 08:02 pm Last Edit: Mar 03, 2018, 08:24 pm by Scarfwearer
Mini build thread. Always wanted a nice wooden outdoor smoker so I decided to build one, but when coming up with the design I decided to make a Tardis Smoker. With the Tardis being half scale. So it's about 4 feet tall (a little taller with the vent at the top.) It's modular construction, so it can be taken apart and rebuilt really easy (although I'm going to secure the final product before I start to cook :)

The base has a channel to fit the sides and a corners in it. The corners just slide in and rest in a 3/4" groove. Notice at the top of the base there is a black dot. That is the bottom hole for the door pivot hinge.

The corners just slide into the groove on the base -- as noted above and seen in the third pic. I kept everything pretty tight in the joints and grooves so the corners rest into the grooves nicely. The second pic above are of little wooden "clips" I made for the doors to rest in and lock all four side together. These also act as guides when putting it together.

There are three sides like the first pic above and they just slide into the corners. It's a nice tight fit as seen the third pic.

Next up is the top. It's just three layers and is a separate piece. I'm going to caulk the inside of this completely and there will be a vent out of the top (that will be the lantern fixture).

The top just sits on top of the sides and fits like a glove.

There are two front doors. Only one has hinge hardware right now (the right one). But I plan on making them both open. I originally thought that only the right one would open but I think it would be best if they both do. It will just help with the functionality overall.

The doors have to open out because the inside will have meat hangers and a grill for the smoker and I want the inside to have maximum space for that. So I just bought some pivot hinges on amazon. They work perfectly and really like how the door works.

And that's about where I'm at. The last pic has a top vent that I'm going to work on to make it more lantern like. The front will have glass windows. I plan on frosting the glass to look whitish to keep the Tardis look. I'm going to seal the inside also with some high temperature caulk (that I had left over from my workshop wood burning stove). I'll continue to post to this thread with additional progress. But it's almost ready and I'm getting excited. Now I just need to decide which Tardis blue to use?


Oct 05, 2015, 06:09 am #1 Last Edit: Oct 05, 2015, 06:09 am by galacticprobe
Now that's what I call cooking with Artron Energy! (You can have your ribs or whatever finished 10 minutes before you started smoking them! ;D)

That little "Sexy Thing" looks great! Now all she needs is the blue dress, and whatever shade of blue looks best to your eyes is the one to use.

As for the doors opening outward, there have been several episodes where the TARDIS doors have opened outward (some in the 2nd Doctor's era, and at the start of the 11th Doctor's, as well as the two Peter Cushing films), so there's no problems with that! You're still accurate!

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