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I.M. Foreman Scrap Merchant Sign

Started by gabbergil, Aug 27, 2015, 12:56 pm

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Not in any way a prop replica. I got bored yesterday and made this from some scraps.


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Mmmmm... ::)

Yeah. I would definitely classify that as a prop replica (and I am unanimous in that ;)). It's close enough to the junkyard gate to work, and even if it's only 1/4th the size (or however large you made it), it's still a replica, and a mighty fine one at that! :D

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This is such an amazing idea I may have to steal it.  (Although the neighbors might be less than thrilled if I start piling junk in the corner of my backyard.) 
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So very cool and it looks great! Likewise I've always thought it'd be nice to make one of these, a rare occasion of a somewhat obscure prop also being very iconic! Well done :)
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That looks like it could stand in for the gates in like a table-top model sorta thing, ya know if you had a brick wall on either side it would look either like the gates in AUC or AAISAT. Very well done
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