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Brachaki Altered '72 and others in Skyrim

Started by ionsith, Aug 03, 2015, 10:11 pm

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I'm not personally Bazzle, but ShatteredSteel has my models and is going to incorporate them into a future update of TARDIS Regenerated. He has added the first four into his beta update already.



Some more pics... For variety I added a MET police box in too


Working on a new TY-J to go into Skyrim, based on the new and shiny dimensions provided by Tony Farrell.


tony farrell

Hi Ian,

Is there any chance you could make the picture a bit bigger or - possibly - alter the 'lighting' so that more of the detail is visible?




tony farrell

As always with CGI, this is something about which I have no knowledge and therefore any criticism (in the neutral sense of the word) I could make might seem churlish - which, certainly, is not my intention.

It might be my computer monitor - or even my 'eye' - but the way you've chosen to cast the shadow on the right-hand door makes it look as if the front doors are more recessed than they actually are/were.

Does that make sense?


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With a little gamma correction and some lightening of the image...

We can see the right door's rail where it meets the corner post is there, where it should be. The red arrow is pointing to the top of the rail which is even with the top stile and the bottom edge of the bottom step above the doors.

So you called it right, Tony. It is just a matter of how the image is shadowed which makes it look like the doors are recessed further than they actually are. (Good eye!)

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Tony, I'm aiming and desiring to be as accurate as possible, so please please do comment and critique no matter how churlish it may feel; no offence will be taken :)

  The doors are recessed about half an inch from the point where the edge of the dowel meets the edge of the post, so two and a half inches from the outside edge of the posts. I hope that makes sense!

Getting those measurements took some juggling as they have never been included on any of the plans. The depth of the steps above the door on the TY-J seem to be thicker than the Brackachi prop, but the Brackachi prop doors are recessed about one and a half inches further in. Would it be possible to amend the plans we have further still to include the 'fiddly' dimensions? Depths of steps and recesses, thickness of window frames, height and width of window panes?

tony farrell

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I'm glad I haven't come across as being nit-picking as that wasn't the intention.  :)

I can see where you are coming from. However I don't think that the TY-J doors ('front' and 'rear') were recessed in the way you've created them - rather I think they're recessed by 30 mm when compared to the corner-posts' front fascia. I posted an overhead view of the box in my TY-J article but I've taken the liberty of posting the relevant section here:

roof for Ian.png

So, the corner-post fascia has a depth of 5 mm and the quadrant has a depth of 25 mm i.e., 30 mm depth in total. The fronts of the doors (and side panels) are flush with this depth rather than being further recessed back as they were on the Brachacki version.

Lastly, the steps above the doors and side panels aren't all the same: The uppermost step has a depth of 5 mm (so that the rear - inside edge - of this step is flush with the start of the quadrant). The other two steps have a depth of 12.5 mm (i.e, 25 mm in total which is the same as the quadrant's depth).

Does that help?



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Thank you, Tony, it certainly will when I am back in front of the computer at home. Part of the issue I have had with the new TY-J build is the conversion between inches and centimeters, which may have thrown some of my calculations out. I was working on the central divider being half an inch in depth and the first of the three steps being the same, unlike the Brachacki prop which has the top of the divider protruding further out than the bottom step by a quarter of an inch.

 It's getting my head around the relative dimensions (pun) not being so exact to a quarter of an inch or half an inch.

  Just looking at the top view there, I can see what you're saying but I've looked at the pics in the reference section and there does appear to be some of that flat side of the post visible between where the quadrant/dowel ends and the doors/sides begin.

tony farrell

Hi Ian,

If you want the dimensions in millimeters - use the diagram I've just posted and refer to the larger version of the same diagram in the article where I've also posted a picture of the prop from the Olympia exhibition. This picture has both the imperial and metric dimensions on it (to one decimal place) and includes the mis-matched doors which could indicate that doors came from two separate moulds.


If you need any further help, please feel free to e-mail me.


I'm currently working on re-doing the TARDISes I made last year for the Bethesda game 'Skyrim'. The TY-J is a work in progress and I'm trying to get my head around a new piece of texturing software called Quixel Suite. They may not turn out like this in game, but this is how my Hartnell box is currently looking (and yes, the window frames will be fixed :)) :



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