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Brachaki Altered '72 and others in Skyrim

Started by ionsith, Aug 03, 2015, 10:11 pm

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Aug 03, 2015, 10:11 pm Last Edit: Aug 03, 2015, 10:14 pm by ionsith
It's been a few years since I posted the pic of my Hudolin box in Skyrim. I've been brushing up on my modelling techniques and with thanks to the dims available on the forum Tony Farrell's wonderfully well researched plans... I've been busy! The last one is a Custom box of my own.



These look absolutely amazing, especially in the games engine. Are they enterable?

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this is terribly convenient - i just fixed my modding setup for skyrim. will this be on the TARDIS mod?


They are enterable and fully useable to travel around Skyrim. The mod author is TheShatteredSteel and the TARDIS mod is on the Skyrim Nexus. But my exteriors aren't part of his mod. I have asked his several times if he would like me to send my exteriors to him but as of yet... no reply.


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he might be busy - but you can make your own mod as an addon to the original. it's all open-source so you're in the legal clear as long as you give credit to the original author and all.

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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! The game setting with the scenery, lighting and weather really makes these look real.
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Quote from: Bazzle on Aug 04, 2015, 06:49 pm
he might be busy - but you can make your own mod as an addon to the original. it's all open-source so you're in the legal clear as long as you give credit to the original author and all.

  I could do I suppose, I would like to hang on until I have a full set of exteriors that I am happy with. I would urge anyone with Skyrim to check out his mod though... He has modelled the most recent Console Room beautifully. If that isn't enough of a temptation... Regeneration!


i'm messin' with it right now. it's pretty tight.


It is, isn't it? Have you gone exploring around the TARDIS yet?



Just to update any Skyrim PC players on here that my exteriors are starting to appear in ShatteredSteel's excellent TARDIS mod. I have asked him to ensure that Lespaceplie, Tony Farrell and TARDIS Builders as a community are credited (as well as myself of course :)). All being well his next proper update next week will include three variations on the Brachacki bulid (original, '66 alterations and Three Doctors), the Newbery (earlier with white lamp cap), the two Tom Yardley-Jones boxes and finally the Hudolin box.

All the plans I have used have been from the plans section on this board, so If there is anyone who should be credited other than Lespaceplie and Tony Farrell, can people let me know? Those plans and the advise I have received over the years have been invaluable and I want to make sure proper credit goes where it is due.

tony farrell

Any chance of a link or pictures so we can see how the various Tardis exteriors have turned out?
Ta very muchly!


I tried a link but it wouldn't work. In the short term, Google 'Skyrim Nexus TARDIS regenerated' and go to the Posts tab, near the top there is a link to a pic of the Hartnell box. I will get proper pics on here as soon as I am back at my PC.


(Hopefully!) Here are some snaps of the TARDIS exteriors I have submitted for the next update of TARDIS Regenerated on Skyrim Nexus.



Sep 27, 2015, 07:16 am #14 Last Edit: Sep 27, 2015, 07:40 am by galacticprobe
Looks like, in order from top down, we've got:

the Newbery;
the Brachacki* Original;
the Tom Yardley-Jones Mark II;
the Tom Yardley-Jones Mark I.

Not 100 percent sure on the TY-J Marks - never could keep them straight. (DoctorWho8 knows those two models far better, so he'll correct me if I've got them backwards.)

*On the spelling of Peter Brachacki's name (Brachacki vs. Brachaki), while his credits have his name listed in some productions as "Brachaki", he's mostly listed as "Brachacki", and according to the IMDB, his full birth name was Kazimierz Pidtr Brachacki. So while I guess one could say that either spelling is correct, out of respect for the man, unless there are records showing that he had legally changed the spelling of his name, I would stick with his birth spelling: Brachacki.

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