Altered Brachaki Reference Photos - 1966 - 1969

Started by jamiebate, Jun 29, 2015, 12:50 pm

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I've decided to compile a reference guide with everything I can find of the TARDIS prop as used between The War Machines and The War Games.
Part 1: The War Machines & The Smugglers
Here I've took screen caps where possible from the first and last episodes of The War Machines, scenes I believe were shot together as they both also feature the continuity errors of the film sequences of the prop pre-refurbishment both materialising with the doctor and Dodo and dematerialising after Ben and Polly enter. The Smugglers telesnaps offer very little but they still might as well be included, if only to show how weathered it already looked after being taken down to Cornwall for filming. We can see clearly there are no handles and the lock has moved positions from the left to right hand doors after the refurbishment. Other than that I couldn't see any glaring changes, but I've included caps of the pre-refurb sequences to show the difference.


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Part 2: The Tenth Planet - The Highlanders
I assume it was after filming The Faceless Ones that they attached the door sign on the wrong side.Untitled.jpgd02-2e-c392.jpgd02-2f-c010.jpgd02-2f-c263.jpgd02-2f-c264.jpgd02-2f-c265.jpg


Part 3: The Moonbase - The Evil of the Daleks
The prop wasn't used for The Underwater Menace as far as I can tell so I've skipped that one in case you were wondering.


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Part 4: The Abominable Snowmen - The Web of Fear
There are plenty of photos from these stories as you'll probably be familiar but now with new stuff from The Enemy of the World which thrilled me personally!, there's very little of the sign being on the wrong door surviving as footage. What thrills me about the colour photos from The Abominable Snowmen is just how close a colour match I've found in Dulux 'Sapphire Saulte'.



Part 5: The Dominators - The Krotons
Again there aren't any for Fury from the Deep or The Wheel in Space.



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The grabs you've made from 'The Dominators' are interesting. I've noticed that for this story only, the original right hand side of the prop has been moved to the left. The visible broken centre divide is the clue for this. Only the right hand side has this characteristic. Also, for the first time, the left quadrant which was thought to have been removed during the later 'Seeds Of Death, is absent from the left corner post. Maybe the prop was wrongly assembled, and resulted in damage to the corner post, resulting in the missing quadrant...


Dominator 2.jpg

Also, check out the rather obvious scenery gap behind the Tardis!


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Quote from: jamiebate on Jun 29, 2015, 02:38 pm
Part 5: The Dominators - The Krotons
Again there aren't any for Fury from the Deep or The Wheel in Space.

Hi there and thanks for posting all the wonderful pics.  There is one still from Wheel, a partial view of the prop showing the phone sign still on the wrong door.  Check out 'Brachacki TARDIS (Altered)' in TARDIS Reference.  

As far as I know, the full-size prop wasn't used at all in Fury, just the larger model.


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In these you can see that all of the windows do have "pebbled" glass in all of their panes. (In some grabs it almost looks like they used that pointy, frosted light diffuser for the "panes", and in the grab where the doors open outward it looks like the panes are made from one sheet stuck on from inside, rather than "individual panes".) Also, the door window frames no longer had the "drip sill" at the bottom, and their cross-members (I forget what they're actually called) are thicker (1-inch) than on the side window frames. The side window frames are still the original ones, with the narrower cross-members (3/4th-inch) and drip sills at the bottom. (And sadly no more St. John logo.)

Beautiful images, Jamie! Thank you so much for posting these; they've revealed some nice details!

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