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BioDoctor900's "Flatline" 5" TARDIS

Started by BioDoctor900, Jun 02, 2015, 12:55 pm

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Hi guys, so this has been a build that I've kept under wraps a bit  ;)  ;D But I've finally finished it, It's a 5" scale TARDIS using the CO Tennant TARDIS as a base. I first started with painting it with a blue dulux that I had in a tester tin that was lying in the cupboard. (The Colour code isn't on the tin) So this went on and it took a couple of coats, I was quite happy with the blue, but obviously there was the issue of the interior backdrop card, the PTO Sign and the Lantern. So these were the jobs I had to tackle. I started with the backdrop, so I took off the base and I took a photo of the electronics so I knew where they went when I put them back. I then took them out carefully and placed all the screws ect into a bowl. It took a fair bit of fiddling and trying not to snag the wires, but I got the TARDIS apart. I took the backdrop out and put it to one side. I then looked at the windows. I took them out, masked them up and sprayed them in an attempt to get the frames white, this however, didn't work, the white spray is crap!! I've always had issue with white spray, I've never been able to use it successfully.

But I digress, I decided to use a milk bottle to replace the windows and taped them in place with masking tape, and planned to laser cut some white acrylic to create the frames. I then moved onto the lantern, I cut off the old one, but cut the mounting block off too, so I had to cut a tiny piece of plywood to replace it, this as a tad fiddly, but with a bit of filler and one of my fiance's nail files, it was fixed. I canalized the lantern from a battered Battles in Time card storage box and glued it on. I wasn't too sure about it at first as it looked a bit too big, so I cut it off, slicing my finger with the craft knife in the process (There was a lot of blood  :-[) After attempting to think of a way to replace it, a lot of people thought it was ok, So I glued it back on.

Once this was back on, I had to replace the electronics, I originally planed to leave them out. When it came to replacing them, I found the speaker was knackered. It sounded really tinny, so that got cut off. I screwed it all back in place, this took a while, but it went back together. I then came to college and laser cut some white acrylic, this didnt work too well as it was too thick, so I decided to use Mount Board and that worked well. I then had to print out the PTO and SJA logo and glued them in place. I also managed to create the Pipe insulation walls inside by using a piece of card and straws and spraying them up silver. I cut these down to the appropriate size and then printed out the S8 Rendered backdrop that Torran or Tom J made and put it in place and Voila.... Here's the pics....







And This is why I don't Let Clara fly the Bloody TARDIS
















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A lot of work, but well worth the effort. She looks brilliant!

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Yes, I agree with what Dino said, that certainly looked like a lot of work. I hope you didn't injure your finger too badly. But, in light of that work, you've managed to make a Season 8 TARDIS out of a Season 2 TARDIS. Great job!

- Tom
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