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2005 NST TARDIS Lamp

Started by chainsaw, Jul 06, 2009, 03:22 pm

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they where apart of the $170 anchor lamp I destroyed to make the TARDIS lamp
Great scott it's a TARDIS

evil bob

"transformed" sounds nicer than "destroyed".


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I agree there... "Transformed" sounds creative; "destroyed" sounds painful, and doesn't do proper justice to your excellent craftsmanship in creating this little beauty.

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The QVC Direct link seems to be no longer valid; does anyone have a current source for Tennant lamps?  I'm ready to buy now...



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Brian, I just sent you a PM.

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I know I'm a bit late. But I'm currently building a Matt Smith version as well. I spent hours looking and found this. It's not perfect but it's suitable.


If you're in the States, and not having luck finding the NST TARDIS lamp online, try HomeGoods. I just found two of the Gerson lanterns w/electric candle -- one in black for $19.99 and one in brass for $24.99 -- yesterday at my local (Los Angeles) HomeGoods store. Best prices I've seen on them yet!



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Nice find! But those Gerson lanterns are more suited for the 2005 Eccleston/Tennant TARDIS lamp. The only part of that lantern used on the Smith TARDIS lamp is the cap; the rest of the Smith TARDIS lamp is either a 14-inch tall anchor lamp or a New Haven Lantern (depending on which Series you're viewing) - both with the tops removed and replaced with the modified cap from the Gardman-now-Gerson lantern.

The main body of the Smith lamp is difficult to come by in the States if you're after the New Haven version. There is a company in the UK selling them, but they don't ship across the pond. (One would have to make arrangements for someone in the UK to buy one for your and then ship it to you, but it can be done. All one need do is ask for that sort of help and someone will step up.)

The anchor lamp is also tricky, but a few people have found them on eBay for not much money. As for that lamp cap, check out my post here for an idea or two on possibly scratch-building one fairly inexpensively and hopefully easily. Then once you get the right body for the Smith lamp you'll have the cap ready to go.

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I have been looking at the Gardman ( gerson lantern) and looking at the picture of the actual lamp it looks like they used the base and the top not just the top piece

looks like these lanterns are impossible to source in the UK
does anyone have the dimension of the centre piece ( paneled section) as i am considering scratch building one


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Just giving this thread a bump because I stumbled across some "Gardman"-style lanterns at a place near me called "At Home" (formerly known as "Garden Ridge"). They had dozens of them: black, with plastic "panes", and a battery-operated candle in it that removes easily with two small Philip's Head screws, and leaves a nice round opening for light to shine up through, just like the original (and you get a nice mood candle to boot!).

The price at the "At Home" store near me is $19.99 (your store's price may vary). So anyone that was looking for one of these lanterns, whether to use on a Series 1-4 TARDIS or just for the cap for the 2010+ lamp cap, check in your area for an "At Home" store.

(Note on that 2010 lamp cap: the bottom of this lantern, once cannibalized and turned upside-down, and attached to the underside of the actual lamp cap, makes a great match for the way the actual prop cap is attached to the opening part of the anchor-type lamp.)

I hope those members still looking for a Gardman find this helpful.

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Its the close second one, but not the accurate one.

evil bob

And just like that, it was purchased...