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BioDoctor900's Dalekanium Panel

Started by BioDoctor900, Apr 24, 2015, 10:37 am

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Hi guys,

Another little prop build I made, is a plate of Dalekanium from 'Daleks Take Manhattan' Its made out of 15mm MDF cut to 275 long and about 6 inches wide. I glue gunned on the hemi's and then put carboard around them for the rings, I then painted it up bronze and then went over it with a coat of gold, and then textured it. I then used black tape to got around the cardboard to finish


Quite happy with it and its quite light



I think this is what they call the dalek equivalent of a plank-of-wood-with-a-nail-init.

Nice work!
Kind Regards,




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Just promise that you won't try to attach this to the Empire State Building's transmissions mast in an attempt to convert everyone in the building when lightning strikes it! ;D

Seriously, though; that's one great-looking replica, and a clever use of cardboard and black tape! Judging from the 6-inch wide MDF I'm guessing those hemis are 4 inches in diameter? And a quick clarification on the "275 long" measurement: is that in mm, cm, or was it meant to be "27.5 inches"?

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