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Virtual Hybrid Dalek

Started by noahfischel, Feb 03, 2015, 04:29 am

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I was recently digging through old folders from even older hard drives and what not when I stumbled upon a large amount of Doctor Who models I made while I was taking a game design class in high school, so I thought "where better to post them than the forum?".

This Dalek I made for a game that I was coding at the time (because when I'm not trying to further my stand up career, I'm doing my day job of computer coding and what not). The dome was based off the classic Daleks, while the slats and gun section were partially inspired by the RTD/Time War Daleks. The skirt section I based off of a mix of the Time War and Paradigm Daleks. So this is a bit of a Franken-Dalek. I hope you guys like it (eventually I'll go back and re-map the textures and everything).Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.21.54 PM.png
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Looks like one of the Dapol figures.


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Nah. I've got one of the Dapol Daleks (white with gold bits - still in the package; I just never got around to opening it, and then it got packed away and not lost during one of our military moves some years ago - okay many years ago - and was unearthed during some old box cleaning-out about 10 years ago: didn't see any need to open it at that point).

Anyway, this render looks much better than that Dapol Dalek sitting on my shelf.

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