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1:4 Sharp Console

Started by lespaceplie, Jan 20, 2015, 04:17 pm

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Free local laser cutting??  Ohhh, I see a lot of projects in your future... :)


The local library (not more than 2 miles away) has a makers lab. There is little competition for use, but I'll be keeping the machines hot for sure. There is also a 3D printer, but its resolution isn't super useful.


This one's changing from a refit to the original Sharp configuration.

The 1" tubes will suffice in the rotor. Though thicker walled, the green acrylic will produce an acceptable look at this scale compared to lining a clear tube with colored film. I have yet to find one with a sufficiently thin wall.

1_4 tubes.jpg


This old project is starting to get some love again. The bond for fabricating the central hub is being tested. Not much care was given to prevent scratches, but the 60 degree filing block worked quite well (starts with a rough pass with the Dremel). A wet sanding and flame polish will likely need to happen on the final version.

fluoro mini 2.jpg