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How in the world does it work?

Started by nakaru22, Jan 13, 2015, 01:18 am

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I want my Tardis to come apart, for moving reasons, and I can't for the life of me find out how the Police Box signs attach to the posts to hold them up and then hold the roof. These pics look like they could help but I can't figure it out.



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There are a number of ways it can be done - I'm not sure about the current prop but my boxes have used a variety of methods, including bolts through the signbox into the post, and (currently) loose-pin door hinges - one section on the post, one of the box and slip the pin in when they meet up in the perfect spot.

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There appears to be a "U" shaped bracket attached to the side of the sign box that slides into a slot cut in the posts.  I have marked the items of interest and enlarged the photo to make this more visible.

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Ahh I see! Maybe I could find some metal to use for that. Sort of like a hook that hangs on the top of the post.


I remember seeing a YouTube video or instructable on how to build a light weight tardis that can be disassembled using hinges & small door bolt. I forget where & whom. I'll look around & get back to you later. :D


Sillysparrowness. She has a thread here somewhere.
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Quote from: volpone on Jan 14, 2015, 08:24 pm
Sillysparrowness. She has a thread here somewhere.

Yes, and what a thread it is! (http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=3153.0)

She also has a 17-minute video on YouTube of how she built it:

(URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtWUrJU46M8)
It's very informative, interesting, and hilarious! Definitely worth watching.

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Oh my! That video is my favorite! I have seen it so many times :)


If I were to make one, I would use hinges with removable pins. I would also use these for the walls and other things. Hinges, Hinges everywhere


Arghhhhh, i wish I would've watched this and made the sides foldable!


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Don't worry, halsey. The original prop doesn't have folding walls. (And this can always give you an excuse to build another TARDIS! One can never have too many TARDISes... if you've got room for them. ;)) I would say you could always store the second TARDIS inside the first, but we all know what happens when you have one TARDIS inside another!

Anyway, if you ever get to tinkering with the TARDIS you've already built, you can always carefully "rip" the walls down the center divide. This will allow the walls to fold in half longways, hiding the seam behind the center divide... again if you've got room for storing her that way. But if your walls don't fold, then you're more in line with the original prop. (That's got to be a plus.)

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I posted a thread about this connector part a while back and I think it's a custom welded metal bit.

I think it makes for a quicker setup than the hinges and pins and if you look at the available images of it, the TARDIS props it's used on are clearly retrofitted from the hinge method.

I haven't been able in America at least to identify a useful T-shaped bracket like that in any hardware or lumber store. If you have someone who could do some welding I guess you could try to recreate it. I have a brother who could do it, but it seemed like too much trouble to ask him so I've used the hinge method on my build which is still in progress and "on ice" until the 100+ degree days cool off outside!