The Greenlords custom TARDIS console and control room

Started by Greenlord, Jan 01, 2015, 06:56 pm

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So far I have built a custom 12' by 12' shed with the help of my brother and have begun constructing the console. Pictures coming soon! :)


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Quote from: Greenlord on Jan 01, 2015, 06:56 pm
So far I have built a custom 12' by 12' shed with the help of my brother and have begun constructing the console.

Lucky, you! Where I love I'm not allowed to have a shed that size. (Moronic zoning laws; the largest I can have, the last I checked, is 8' by 10'.) And I have to get a permit to build one, and if I go through all the trouble of doing that and building the shed, the City can tax it as an additional structure! (Calgon, take me away!) And if you remember that one, you've just dated yourself! ;)

Quote from: Greenlord on Jan 01, 2015, 06:56 pm
Pictures coming soon! :)

And eagerly awaited! Good luck with your build!

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I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I love custom consoles. I couldn't choose which console from the series to make, so I decided to use elements of them all! There is something nice about a console that is all your own too. The replicas (of a specific console) are amazing, too. There is just so much talent on this board.

12'X12' is a pretty nice size. Mine is just a spare bedroom. As a bedroom it has annoying windows on one wall. Having a whole separate console building is going to be awesome!!


Thank you all! I also feel very lucky to have my own shed entirely for a TARDIS, it's something i've been hoping for and heading towards for a long time.
I'm planning to film episodes of my own writing in my TARDIS, along with my freinds, one of which is very skilled in the filming and editing area...  :) ;D :)

So far i've had some trouble uploading pictures, but I'm working on that. I have pictures of the shed in progress (I decided not to start the build with the shed because it's not that TARDIS-y) and will post them ASAP!  :)



OH YESIT WORKED!  I'm juat gonna have to post pics 1at a time.  :) :) ;D :D :)


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Greenlord, when it comes to posting more than one photo (or images in general), have you checked out my post here: It might help with some of the more common problems experienced when posting images and photos (It could save you a few headaches.)

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A fence panel for one of the walls: [attachid]P1140400.JPG[/attachid]
there will be eight of these in total.

All the fence panels up: [attachid]P1140393.JPG[/attachid]
and the fence posts to. As I mentioned before, this is a custom shed, and so will be built out of fence panels, posts and compressed timber.


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Mmm, i've tried what you suggested Dino, but it still doesn't seem to be working. admittedly, posting just one picture and succeeding was a one off. Have i posted it correctly? Do you have any other ideas? if not, i will attempt to resize the images and see how that goes...  :( ???  :)  :-[  :)
Failing that i shall have to leave the older pictures and try taking  new more up-to-date pics on my phone and see if they will post.


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Hmm... That's odd. I tried to make my photo posting advice easy to follow, but maybe it's just easy to my eye because I've done it so much? ???

Try this (keeping it short):

  • open your photo to make sure it's upright, and do a "Save As..." just to make sure its metadata is set (rotate the photo to get it upright if needed, and then do the "Save As..."); this would also be a good time to check its file size; (next step)

  • double-check your photo to make sure it's under 500k in file size (I don't know about length and width in pixels as the Forum resizes images to fit browser windows); I know JPGs are supposed to be able to go above 500k, but just to be safe...

  • click the "Choose file" button just below the Comments-posting window, and select the image from your computer's files and then click the "Choose" button at the bottom of the Selection window

  • once the filename info is in your comments, press your Enter (or Return) key and then enter your comments for the photo (remember, the Forum sometimes likes some text after selecting the photo and pressing that Return key - not always, but I've found it's hit and miss with that one)

  • click the "Save Draft and Continue >>" button in the lower right corner of the page you're posting from

Once the page reloads, then you should see your photo in the Preview window. If the photo is there, then repeat the above for each photo. If the photo isn't in the Preview window, then I'll have to hand things over to the Mods because they'll have to look into why your photos aren't uploading.

I hope this helps.

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ok, i think I've solved the problem. thank-You Dino for all your advice, if anyone has any kind of trouble on TARDIS Builders, your always right there to help out in any way you can. I'm sure i can speak for many TARDIS Builders when i say it's very much appreciated. :)
however, the problem wasn't as i thought. iphoto was not resizing images properly upon export. no matter, the problem is resolve. :D
so,k here is a fence panel for one of the walls: P1140400.jpg
there will be 8 of these in total.

As i mentioned before, this is a custom shed, and so is being built out of fence panels, posts and compressed timber.P1140393.jpg
here's a pic of the all the panels and posts in. it's a little rickety, but that will change one the compressed timber frames in... :) :) :)

compressed timber frame up:P1140738.jpg
And would you believe, it's as solid as a brick!

half the roof on... oh that is so exciting!
No more rain getting inside and threatening to rot everything! i should probably mention, this a process of about a month ( not inculding the concrete laying) and as i was unable to post photos then, i took notes on the progress + a couple of thoughts and feelings, and i am posting a quick summary of the shed building process now.  ;D ;D ;D

shot from the inside with both sides of the roof on:P1140947.jpg
just need to move that blasted small shed out the way of my door... ;D >:( ;D

Just closing off these two gaping triangles with (forgive for not using the correct terminology) wooden paneling:P1140951.jpg
just a couple of crooks and crannies to fill, and of course the floor must go in. all of the wood we are using was bought in two shopping trips. my brother (same one who's building my shed with me) is an engineer, and so borrowed a ginormous tractor and trailer from work. in just two trips we had about all the wood we needed, having saved up for a couple of years...  :) ;D :) ;D

i will also add that i painted everything in a weather protective coat to preserve it, after all, i want it to last... also, my brother built a door by chopping a panel in half, adding rib supports, hinges and a handle and attaching it. however, this is to be a TARDIS set, so was thinking for a future build i may build a detachable police box... then i would be ably to flat pack it and take it to new filming locations (perhaps on the back of an enormous tractor) and when filming in the TARDIS, remove the back and stick it one so i still have the police box doors on the inside... :) ??? :)
deep breath... and out,
more soon!  :) :) :) and with some shots of the console...



i now feel i can deservedly sign my name:

The Greenlord.


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Quote from: Greenlord on Jan 13, 2015, 08:52 pm
i now feel i can deservedly sign my name:

The Greenlord.

And rightfully so! Nicely built so far! Anticipation builds for the rest of, erm, your build! ;) :D

Congrats on the progress!

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well, this has been a big post. however, there is still more to come!!!  :)

the black lever on the left is my handbrake, and yes, there is a zig-zag plotter to. :)
My helm so far...

you can also see the gallifreyan text i've been etching in the perspex.
couple o' more controls, and a bright light behind the perspex panel like the heart of the TARDIS shining out...

it does look pretty damn cool...  :)
and then my excited younger brother smoked me out with his smoke machine...

you can also see the first section of my time rotor here; a large glass 'bladet' which tapers slightly at the top.
a clear shot of the console through the door, -from outside, it looks so much bigger on the inside! -love an optical ellusion!

i nearly replicated the 2010 console demat/remat lever, but i built my own from a rachet strap!
My first control attched had to be my demat/remat lever: my favorite lever of the entire TARDIS!

some form of time rotor mechanism will be installed here at some point.
view from above down into the heart of the console!

it's looking very console like...  ;D :) ;D
a view with all the coral arms:

you can see the thicker ply-wood to.
One of what will be the coral 'rib arms'.

The chip-board hexagon on top was terrible, so i replaced it with some thick ply-wood left over from the floor.  :)
another of the 'early console'.

I don't have many of the basic structure, as it was a rapid process.
here's my earliest picture of the console.

i started with hundreds of these, so i drew up a basic of the frame. i may draw another of my final plan.
Photo 113.jpg
I'll start with my final console plan:



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Fantastic photos! (And they're posted in "reverse engineering" order. Clever!)

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