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The Wooden Console Project

Started by dalekprime, Jul 24, 2009, 06:42 am

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Quote from: dalekprime board=console thread=1713 post=21789 time=1249401086
I'd love to do something like this for the central column ultimately. 

It's funny how this looks not unlike what I came up with.

I love the look of clockwork computers, it would be a bit hard to add extra RAM though I guess. My sister and I went to a museum once where they had an interactive virtual version of the guy who invented these but it was kind of hilarious because he was being played by a guy my sister was working with at the time.

Um, sorry end of aside.


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Thanks!!!   Yes indeed I do think that Crispin nailed the console dimensions perfectly.

I would hope the dims are close, but they're measured by counting pixels on screen grabs, so there's definitely going to be some degree of error, particularly allowing for perspective.
I'm hoping that at some stage someone will read the coordinates into a 3D renderer and then overlay a wireframe over some screengrabs so we can check the geometry. The only issue then will be scale...



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Quote from: dalekprime board=console thread=1713 post=21774 time=1249284205

I'd love to see that sketch-up pic.  I haven't quite mastered using that program yet.  Thanks for the encouragement.


Here is something I knocked up last year using Crispin's measurements.   I added a person component to show scale in these pics.   Now if I knew the size for the rest of the room I might one day go back and finish this.