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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by fivefingeredstyre, Nov 08, 2014, 12:04 pm

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Well, one can always try the "snail mail" approach. It says on his "About Steve" page that he likes corresponding with 'Doctor Who' fans (via SAE, so one would have to supply a return envelope, probably with postage, with the snail mail), and it does give a mailing address (which I won't post here - anyone that wants to ask him about permission to post the quark photos here as mentioned above can get that address from the web site).

It's worth a try so we can have them for reference, but since the man lives in the UK, it would be faster - and probably less expensive - if someone in the UK made the request. (And if someone does, please let us know here with a quick "I'll send him a letter", so if several members have the same idea the poor man isn't besieged by requests for permission, and just gets the one letter.)

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i'll do it and let you know how I get on.

You never know, he might have some more pictures as well...


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Good luck! Hopefully things will go well. And if he does have more pics that he's willing to share, great!

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I know this topic has been quiet for a while, but the wife found this image somewhere (she can't remember where):
Quarks on steroids! Does anyone know who made these interesting renders? (Is it someone from here?)

They look impressive. It makes me wonder, when they made "The Dominators", if they had the budget is this what the Quarks could have actually been like? And if those Dominators one day make a return visit to the New Series, would their Quarks get this sort of upgrade?

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Quote from: galacticprobe on Jun 17, 2015, 06:24 pm
Quarks on steroids! Does anyone know who made these interesting renders? (Is it someone from here?)

I'v seen these guys befor.



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A "librarian-bot"? (Can't be all bad, if he can turn out renders like this and be a librarian; but then I'm prejudiced; my wife, son, and daughter-in-law are all librarians - with The Evil One being an English teacher, who deals with libraries. I guess that makes me the only idiot in the family. :D)

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;D ;D

These Quarks remind me of what robot offspring might look like if certain robots mated:

-Quarks - with their distinguishable heads;
-the 'Lost In Space' Robot (TV series) - in their body shape;
-Robby the Robot ("Forbidden Planet") - in their upper arms, and somewhat in their leg shape;
-'Big-O' - in their forearms.

That's quite an amalgamation, and they really look like what the Quarks should have evolved to if we ever see them return.

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Slightly clearer picture from Blackpool and longleat group on fb


ooo I like that! possibly the best picture we've had to date.

What do we think the concensus is with the colour scheme?

tony farrell

A slightly better version of the same photo for you in which the colours are a bit more vibrant:


By this stage, the Quark seems to be a 'gun-metal' grey with a silver-grey 'head' (it could - of course - have been resprayed by this point in time).



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Weren't the Quarks on the display float with the console picture in another thread?

Unless it HAS been repainted since? That on display quark has painted ends to the plastic spikes on its head.
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tony farrell

I had noticed that the tips of the 'spikes' had been repainted; however, that neither proves nor disproves whether the bodywork was repainted or not.  :)


Until now I had thought the resin the spikes are made from may have discoloured with age. Seeing the Quark, now at decent resolution, you can see that they have indeed been painted; they also seem to have been removed and refitted at odd angles as well...

Davros Skaro

I liked the Quarks, what are the bits on the ball part that cover the top 4 sections between the strips? Are they acrylic bits of tubing & solid round or what? Also is the ball also clear/transparent? Thanks for any info, "thinking" of one for my 5' figures.

I read somewhere in one of my books that they had children actors inside them. Not a lot of room.



I've always thought they were small acrylic tubes, cut at random lengths and glued in place; however that would probably have been very expensive, so I'm guessing they used cardboard tubes instead. If I ever get around to building my full sized one (one day...) i'll probably go for acrylic...

I used to think the bottom sections of the head were a mesh infill; however looking closer it might be a clear (or at least slightly frosted) ball, with the details added on top...


I think they did use acrylic tube, but they would only need to be short lengths...