St John sign on Amazon (US only, don't ship to the UK)

Started by lorisarvendu, Nov 06, 2014, 01:27 pm

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Seen on the Facebook TARDIS Owners club group.  Thought it was worth reposting here.

Only for US builders sadly.


Thanks for posting - loving the last comment/review on that page!
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Looking at that image, it almost looks like the one I made and posted here in the thread. It's the third image in that post: Series 6-7a version, Series 7b version, and then that Series 8.) version, which really looks like that one on eBay. If it is, he's a prat, making money off of my work without my permission. At least I gave warmcanofcoke permission - and the graphic - so he could get them made by Spoonflower. (And, Nate, do you need anymore images to send to Spoonflower for the later logos? I know I sent you the Hartnell and Smith Series 5 versions, but I can't remember if I sent you the Series 6-7a and the Series 7b graphics. Now I've got the Series 8 graphic as well, so let me know.)

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