TARDIS and TARDIS door miniatures from "Flatline"

Started by Kingpin, Oct 27, 2014, 10:32 pm

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Nick Robatto has updated his company's facebook to include some nice behind-the-scenes shots of the construction of the 5/6 inch (my guess) scale TARDIS exterior, and TARDIS doors that were used in Flatline.The basic components appear to have been made from laser-cut acrylic, although the proportions do look a little weird:



OOOOOOOOMG - I love it! He said he is toying with the idea of producing a small number of these for sale!! I NEED ONE.


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Looking at the plans that are under the TARDIS I noticed that it says it is a 9" TARDIS. So at least now we know a scale. :) A bit bigger than I thought it was, that is for sure.

I am wondering if they made the lamp from scratch, or was it an off-the-shelf model part perhaps from a wooden boat style kit?


I love the way this looks more like the TARDIS than the BBC prop does, the windows and panels are more rectangular. Is it me though, or do the windows look longer (taller?) than the panels?

Do we know why they didn't just just one of the Character Options toys?


And the base color for this TARDIS, if you look at the bottom of Nick's plans, is Pantone 654C.
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whoa this is awesome, better than the model the BBC used for the TARDIS, much more like the full sized prop. well done!!   ;)


Tempus Fugit

I'll bang on about this forever because I'm a writer and copy editor. But even this marvellous model has got the pull to open panel wording wrong. Curse that Colin Richmond prop.


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Quote from: Tempus Fugit on Nov 04, 2014, 06:44 pm
...even this marvellous model has got the pull to open panel wording wrong. Curse that Colin Richmond prop.

Tempus, I'm afraid you'll have to start the cursing with the Newbery prop: http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=250.msg399#msg399. That was the first one to use the horrid wording. (Check all the reference images here http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=45.0 and you'll see.)

The Yardley-Jones Mark I returned to the proper "OFFICERS AND CARS", but then the Yardley-Jones Mark II reverted to the improper "OFFICER & CARS" (though, I think this is the version of the prop that switched out PTO panels, so sometimes it was correct, and sometimes it wasn't, but I'm not completely sure on that). The Hudolin used the proper wording in 1996, so it boggles the mind why in 2005 they used the Newbery's incorrect wording rather than the proper wording that was used for 90% of the Classic Series (including the 1996 TVM).

Anyway, the whole point of my mild rant is that any cursing over the wording on the Phone Panel needs to start with the Newbery version. (And it's not on my list of favorites for TARDIS props, so feel free to curse away. ;))

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Yup, those panels are definitely more rectangular.  Now if they could just cut the POLICE BOX signs down so they don't span the whole lintel, add steps between the lintel and the windows (and of course do that to the full sized prop)...

As far as the door sign, I'd say the most jarring sin is just switching from a serif to a san serif font halfway through the sign for no apparent reason.  I bet some painter was hand lettering it, years ago, and the director came by when he was half finished and said "I need that for filming in 30 minutes" and no one ever bothered to go back and fix it.

As far as why they built models instead of using the toys my bets are a bit of that the toy wouldn't have looked convincing enough in HD and a bit of that this would just make it too easy on the fan film people. ;)
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Would anyone be able to scale some plans down into mm. I'm thinking of making one, especially as I have access to a laser cutter ;)