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Building a Doctor who Police public call box 1:1

Started by manuel, Nov 26, 2017, 05:01 pm

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Looking good Manuel.

I toyed with the idea of making a full size cardboard police box but went for the cardboard Dalek (which needs finishing!) instead due to the amount of card needed and somewhere to put the final product.

I know your pain about slipping rulers - ouch! You can get a really long metal one, with a handle on it from Wilkinson's if you have a nearby branch?


Hi Mark,
I really appreciate your comment. I flew over your profile just once and found your cardboard Dalek. As you mentioned in your comment. I wish I had looked past you then. During the construction process, I made so many mistakes that I could have prevented. Yours looks beautiful. You should definitely complete this one.

A ruler with a handle is not a bad idea at all. I should probably get one. With the handle, I think I would lower the risk of cutting myself.

Up soon


Thank you for your kind words.

He will get finished at some point, the hardest parts are done and its just the time consuming parts. I just have a tendency to get distracted too easily by other things.

Yes, the handle might help as you can still have control over the ruler but also keep your fingers out of the way.

Out of interest, how are you planning on doing your walls? I know Russell mentioned earlier about his concerns over sagging and wondered if you had a plan?

If it were me I would probably make the walls double skinned with support braces going horizontally between each skin. Just a thought.


From the way we are very similar. I also tend to be easily distracted from other things.

How do I plan the walls? I have not commented yet. If not and you are so interested, I'll explain it briefly. In a further update, I will explain this in more detail. My plan is to make as many bends as possible. If you stick two strips of cardboard together at a 90-degree angle, they will support each other. Since the Tardis are as good as rectangles, this should be done with ease. If you are confused, wait for the update.

Your hint is very helpful. I think I will let him contribute to the planning of my Tardis. We will see. Only time can tell us.

But until then have a wonderful day