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My Virtual Sonic Screwdrivers

Started by d0ct0r200004, Oct 07, 2014, 07:34 pm

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So, I built these a while ago but here's a few pictures of the Sonic Screwdrivers.

all of em.png
a few.png

Whatcha think?


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WOW. That's more sonic screwdrivers I actually have, great work.



Cool! Just a quick question, which sonic screwdriver is that on the far right of the first image (the one next to the Third Doctor's sonic)?
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Its the either The First or Second Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

- Tom
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Second Doctor's, I believe it was first seen in a 1968 episode, You'd have to check it up though. But yeah, it's pretty much a pen with a light stuck onto the end.


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Partly right, 004. It made its first appearance in the 2nd Doctor's story "Fury From The Deep" (March 16 - April 20, 1968: a 6-part story). However it was more than just a pen with a light stuck onto it. (Although, now that you mention it, this could be an easy way for one to bodge a replica together on the cheap! Thanks for that idea! And why didn't I think if it before? ??? Oh yeah: operating on minimal brain cell function over here. :P)

The actual item was a real "pen light", and I think in another thread (which of course I can't find to link to because I'm looking for it!) someone managed to ID the model of pen light it was, and also mentioned that they occasionally crop up on eBay.

Of the available "complete" 2nd Doctor stories, the ones I remember seeing it used in were "The Dominators" and "The War Games", his final story. Hopefully someday we'll get to see another complete 2nd Doctor story featuring his sonic screwdriver.

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So, I've been ignoring everything for a little while now, college and stuff getting in the way, I've started rebuilding these from scratch, starting with the 2005 and then editing it for rivers, and then the sonic lipstick, although I might redo the emitter, I'll post pictures on here tomorrow, not currently on a computer so I don't have access to the models. This year has been a busy year for me and I haven't had much time to do much, so not been on here for a while.

I also built the sonic cane which I'll also post here tomorrow.


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So, I finally got around to doing more sonics and rebuilding and stuff. Here they are:

Sonics 1.jpg

So, I'll show you them up close now

Cane 1.jpg Cane 2.jpg

That's the first one I built in what I'm now calling the 'new line' of sonics,

10th Doc's 1.jpg 10th Doc's 2.jpg

And I then started work on this, I gotta admit that getting this one right was tough but I manged it in the end. I then started editing it (almost a new build with how much had to be deleted) for the River's Sonic.

River's 1.jpg River's 2.jpg

New handle, added to the top, redone a lot of it really, the only bits there were kept was part of the bottom and the top which got edited, I love the new tip, much better then the old one, I then started work on the Sonic Lipstick

Lipstick 1.jpg Lipstick 2.jpg

I'm happy with how this one came out, beveled and stuff, the part that the emitter is on might need a redo, it's just so hard to get good reference images for that sonic, because of how small it is. I believe I got it the right size though, so that's one good thing. I don't know if anyone has posted this here yet, but this is what I used to get the size of the sonics right:


That could help other people too, I can't exactly remember where I found it but I was happy that I did.

So, what do you guys think of my new sonics?


So, I then started work on redoing the classic Sonics, started with the 4th Doctor's.

new classic sonics 1.jpg

The 3rd Doctor's, 4th, 5th, 8th and war (as I kinda count that as a classic sonic) are all there, I started with the 4th Doctor's and then edited it depending what was needed. 3rd doctor's needed the most editing and took the longest to edit.

4th doctor's head.jpg

The emitter of the sonic was quite hard to do, the way it cones in like that, after a few attempts I got it working though.

4th doctor's sonic.jpg

so, this is the complete sonic, white background so you can see it properly.

I then started working on the war doctor's because it is the 4th doctor's toy ripped apart, removing the old emitter and putting a light on top as well as adding the 'top hat' to the bottom.

war sonic.jpg

war sonic 2.jpg

I then started working on the other classic sonics based off the 4th doctor's, starting with the 5th doctor's which is probably the easiest to do because it is near enough the same as the 4th doctor's with some colour changes.

5th Doctor's sonic.jpg

5th Doctor's sonic 2.jpg

I then came across my first sonic that needed major changes, the 8th Doctor's. The bottom of the handle is completely different, the size and look is nothing like the 4th doctor's.

8th doctor's sonic.jpg

8th doctor's sonic 2.jpg

Once that was done I then started work on the 3rd Doctor's. The handle had to be built pretty much from scratch to get the look of it right.

3rd Doctor's sonic.jpg

3rd Doctor's sonic 2.jpg

So, what do you guys think of my new classic sonics?


Welp, I've done a few more sonics recently, the 2010-15, the 2nd doctor's and one I got asked to do from a friend, the McGann's one from some of the audio stories. Still trying to work out which was harder to do, the 2010 or the Mcgann... Here's a pic of the three I've done.


The 11th Doctor's extends too :D So here's a image of it in that mode.


So yeah, 11th Doctor's took a little while to do whilst the McGann was kinda rushed. I'm happy with the emitter though!

Enjoy :D


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Nice job on all! And after doing some digging I've found something that might help you refine your 2nd Doctor's sonic:

Here's a cropped image of the 2nd Doctor holding his sonic. (This is the version used in "The Dominators" and "The War Games".)
This is the simple pen torch/flashlight that he used in those stories. His first was a plain, small screwdriver; his second was a lifejacket whistle (and I forget the name of the story that one came from), but those were just one-offs. This is the version he's best known for using.

And it's been identified!
It's an Everready (Ever Ready) "Slim Penlight" that takes two AAA batteries. (You can still find these on Amazon or eBay, but they're upwards of $30 US, depending on their condition (i.e. whether or not they're still in the case - I've seen those on eBay for over $50 US!).

And here's a close-up from some lucky guy that I think found one at a yard/boot sale.
Amazing details in this image! All one would need to do is find a simple (non-tapered end) AAA penlight, and with a little careful wood carving and paint (or plastic carving) it can be modified into one of these, especially if you can find plastic in the right color - which, to my stanky old wizzard eyes, looks an awful lot like what they call on 'Deadliest Catch', Cornelia Marie blue. And there is a slight taper on the blue piece under the pocket clip; it widens towards the end of the clip and then has that bevel at the end.

Although nothing can beat finding an (affordable) original like this, still, we can work with what we find.

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I'll be editing the 2nd Doctor's sonic soon now that I have a proper reference, cheers!


Found a number of things that need slight edits, sonic cane being one. Tomorrow I plan on doing some edits to the sonics, 2nd doctors might just be a rebuild though, I'd probably be quicker and will get rid of a mesh error where the bulb goes through the handle of the sonic.


Welp, I've done the edits! :D

cane and 2nd doctors.jpg

The sonic cane has been lengthened and the 2nd Doctor's sonic has been rebuilt.

The cane also got a updated emitter to match the recent 2010 sonic I built.

cane tip.jpg

and the bottom has been redone entirely.


and the full second doctor's sonic pen light



post what you think of them in the comments.