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New Zealand Superannuation Services Console and Room

Started by davidnagel, Oct 04, 2014, 09:33 am

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lord president

How Relevant this thread is now considering the introduction of "The Great Curator" from the 50th.

In the far Future, the Doctor Retires, (the name) and goes by the Great Curator, takes care of Universe with his 4th face Revisited. This is a future TARDIS desktop theme! I've always liked the 50th Anniversary introduction of the "Great Curator" as a future incarnation of the Doctor, revisiting an old face. Here in these Adverts we get to see the TARDIS used, it seems logical that a Future Fourth Doctor looking version would want some familiarity with the desktop theme. I rather like it. I have compiled pictures and data below to give as much reference here as possible for those interested. In canon terms, it seems this console control scheme has been streamlined so that only four panels need to be used, more of automation (clutch and stick shift, versus Automatic) drive.


Here are some more pictures of the prop..

I must say, it looks very good with Blue LEDs and smoke coming from the tubes connected to the console.

I could easily see this of course the room being made a bit larger, being used in a modern show, with added production values.

More on the New Zealand Superannuation details.