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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by andrew_noll_, Sep 11, 2014, 12:38 am

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Im building my first TARDIS at age 14. I am not too experienced but im trying to be as accurate as possible. Here are pictures. Sorry that the pictures are all over the place.


I messed up on the police box sign but i don't know what to. probably get the signs made for me because my method doesn't seem to work


You build this at 14?!
I am SERIOUSLY impressed!!



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Quote from: andrew_noll_ on Feb 10, 2015, 09:07 pm
I messed up on the police box sign but i don't know what to...

I would say don't worry about it. That little "mess up" as you call it will probably never be noticed especially when the signs are lit. As for when they're not lit, well, your little "mess up" isn't that bad at all. Just take a look at this sign from the actual prop:
(ca. 1970, the 3rd Doctor's first story "Spearheads from Space" - ignore the white arrows and the oval; they were to highlight something else). Looking at how they left the sign on the actual prop - the P in POLICE is chewed all to bits, the O in POLICE has definitely been gnawed on, and the Cs in PUCLIC and CALL are almost non-existent - I'd say it's safe for you to leave your signs as is, and save yourself some money for now. Later on you can always get replacement signs made once you've saved up enough money to play with.

(And yes; the sign in this screen grab is their "reversed" version. At some point during the 2nd Doctor's tenure the front and back signs were made with a frosted background and blue lettering, and that carried over into the 3rd Doctor's tenure, and unless I'm wrong actually stayed like that until the original prop's last appearance in the 4th Doctor story "Seeds of Doom" ca. 1976, after which they made a new prop to replace this one - which was still the original from 1963! That's an astounding 13 years of service for the original TARDIS prop!)

So your signs are not bad looking at all, and I seriously doubt that anyone will be getting as close to them as your camera did to take those photos. (And if it was my TARDIS and someone said the signs looked "messed up", I'd tell them to try it themselves and see how they do!)

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