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The tinted pane???

Started by Volpone, Sep 05, 2014, 01:16 pm

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So I've managed to not fuss with my TARDIS for...oh, 3 months now.  But between some of the excellent photos of pre-1955 boxes and watching the old Hartnel episodes (where the model often materializes--with its blue window trim), I'm getting the itch to fiddle.  I may stick the SJA badge back on, but I'm also thinking about doing the smoked glass pane in bottom center on the windows. 

Is there any consensus on color?  IIRC, more than one of the color photos shows blue tinted glass and blue seems to be the preferred color for police box builders, but was plain grey ever used?  I'm thinking that is what I want to go with and I think "neutral" was called for in the plans.  Thoughts? 
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This might be of some help - then again, maybe not. The only copies of plans I've got (which are probably on here already) are for the Newbery, only a partial for the Season 18 TY-J, and one for the Hudolin.

The Newbery's plans' notes for the windows say "Window glazing bars from 4mm ply cut out with hammered & obscure cobex fixed to back. Make light boxes to fit at back off windows with pin hinges." (So it looks like the Newbery was initially intended to have lighted windows. Interesting. I guess budget cuts nixed that plan.)

The Season 18 Plans is only a partial: the side with the Police Box drawing (I'm guessing the other half is somewhere around). That one doesn't have any notes written on it other than some letters in circles, with arrows pointing to the windows:
the three top panes each have a corner-to-corner X drawn across them with a circled lowercase g pointing to those three panes;
the two bottom corner panes are drawn "shaded" with a circled lowercase h pointing to them;
the bottom center pane is drawn with only a lowercase v (not circled) in it.
The Legend for those letters' notes is probably on the other half of the plans sheet - which I can't find (again probably because I'm looking for it :P). I wish I had that half because now I'm really curious to see how those windows were supposed to have looked.

The Hudolin plans have the top three and bottom center panes with a C in them, with the bottom corner panes having a P in them. The note next to that is headed "Glass Layout", and under that is "P-Pebbled, C-Clear". (Again strange that the Hudolin called for "pebbled" glass for the bottom corner panes, and we ended up with "hammered" glass in places other than just the bottom corners.)

I hope this is of some help.

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