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Doctor Who Tour TARDIS Prop

Started by BioDoctor900, Aug 08, 2014, 07:37 pm

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Interesting.... RTD era base and corner posts, mis-sized lettering on the sign boxes, a door sign with a frame of only vertical struts, a lamp topper which appears different (maybe the whole lamp is?), black handles and is that warping I can see around the windows? The sort you get of fibreglass...
Also noteworthy is the seam in the slanted section of the base, looks to me like they laminated wood together to make up the height, which I think a few members have done too.
I wonder if they've had boxes built in each of the countries they're going to? Surely they could be used from promotion in other countries therefore be justified in their commission.
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?


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The one they are using in Australia is a licensed replica manufacturer, Iconic Studio Creations.  Their Series 8 TARDIS is better looking than the real one.
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Hi, All,
Great to see the guys making the Sept issue of Empire magazine.
Some very cool pics.
I noticed the TARDIS prop used in the photo looks like it's been given a coat of dark blue gloss- very shiny!
(Sorry about the poor quality of the photo...)
I really like this look & am going to try to emulate it with my own build!

It's Saturday morning & I'm already in a state of fever pitch...!



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Quote from: superrichi1a on Aug 10, 2014, 06:37 am
...not long ago a picture of this very box was posted on the forum... I've been scouring the forum but I can't find it!

Join the club! (If I had a dollar for every time I posted that comment, I'd have a lot of dollars! ;))

Quote from: superrichi1a on Aug 10, 2014, 06:37 am
Does anyone else remember? It was one picture with a small description posted in a thread on a slightly different topic "this is the promo box at so and so" sort of thing.

I have exceedingly vague memories of it, and like you I can't find it either. If it was in the "Off Topic" section and was more than six months ago, then it was auto-deleted; that's done with Off Topic posts to help keep those threads down and allow for a little more room on the rest of the Forum because some of those Off Topic posts can be very photo heavy.

Hey! I did it! I found it! (Sorry if the picture's wonky, posting on the move from a phone so I can't tell how it looks to PC and Mac users):


I remembered it because of the extremely thin panels, it was posted here by "thecloisterbell" and Bill thought it was probably a promotional prop. The general dimensions all match, but if you zoom in you can see the wood grain also matches, noticeably above the door sign. It's clearly gone through the works since! The sign boxes look to have been rebuilt with strange new corner inserts, I think the windows have been replaced and it generally looks a lot tattier!
Isn't it how ironic that we have to think of solutions out of the box, in order to build our boxes a lot of the time?