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Matt's Replica Crich-Style Police Box

Started by matt sanders, Aug 03, 2014, 10:41 pm

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Perhaps you would be kind enough to set up a free Dropbox account, upload the pdf and post a share link here. Then anyone can download it.

Same can be done with a free google drive account

Love your box by the way
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Quote from: matt sanders on Sep 03, 2020, 07:20 pmHiya Thymelorde,  no I didn't get around to uploading it, what with the website going down, etc.  But I could give it a go, if I can work out how.  It's a 25-page PDF, but can a document like that be uploaded, or do I need to save each page as a jpg, or something?  Hope someone can advise...

Also, I have lots of build-diary pics to upload when I get a chance.  And a few weeks ago I finally got the roof and lamp on top of the box.  Would anyone like to see...?  ;-)
You might be able to get it hosted here if you ask a mod?

Come on - you know we want to see the pictures! Share the wealth :D


Where there any pictures of this box finished or have I just missed them? Would love to see more photos!


You and me both.  IIRC, he got sidetracked with paying work and the build went on the back burner.  Then the board crashed for awhile.  I'm not sure where this build is at this point--is it done but we just haven't got pictures?  Or is it still waiting for time/money?  It is an absolutely brilliant build and the skill, expense, and attention to detail is amazing.  I remember when he started the thread and was like "I'm going to build an exact Crich replica" and in my head I was thinking "yeah, right."  But darned if he didn't do it.  Or at least he's on track with doing it if it is/was ever finished. 
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Is there anyone on here that knows Matt or can get in touch with him to politely request (demand  ;D) an update?



From one Mackenzie Trencher to another, your box is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen. 😍

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