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Inside of the door pics?

Started by torran, Jul 15, 2014, 12:48 pm

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Does anyone have any pics or anything useful regarding the inside of the doors on any TARDIS 2005 onwards?
This is so I can see what the windows and frames look like on the inside. The closest I have got is when the doors open outward in The Eleventh Hour, but the other door is in the way.
I can see the inside if I look at the pics of the interior but I was wondering if that door was different as it doesn't seem like the door is thick enough to house all them details on either side without problems.


Eleventh Hour shot I was referring to


I believe its said that when the doors are outwards in this shot, the doors are put on the other way around  - so the longer side is on the hinge, I guess they painted the fronts white.

I think Purple had a post about this didn't he?
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It seems like they would have had to narrow the doors, eliminate the molding around them that stops them opening out normally and perhaps added a strip of wood for the hinges to attach to on the inner side of the posts so they could get that v-ed out look to the doors. Since we are never meant to see them except from this angle, perhaps they removed the back wall and built these doors/frame as a one-off where the back wall normally would be? Clearly when Matt jumps into it they would likely have just had a piece of plywood with a mat for him to land on laid on the ground in place of a TARDIS prop wall because he would have shattered it jumping down onto it. The paint job on the 'bottom' of the TARDIS looks really hasty too!


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Quote from: torran on Jul 15, 2014, 12:48 pm
Does anyone have any pics or anything useful regarding the inside of the doors on any TARDIS 2005 onwards?

This is the best I can find in my stash of 2005-2010 TARDIS Main Doors' interior shots:
one from the 2005 set;

another, a bit larger but still the same doors;

a nice "head-on" view;

and finally, the only photo I can find at the moment of the 2010 set's doors' interior.

I may have more, but I'll have to do some serious digging through my folders. As you can see, they pretty much used the same style of interior and phone for both 2005-2009 and 2010 TARDIS interior sets.

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