My First Prop Build (Or "How Not To Build A K9")

Started by davidp, Jun 04, 2014, 07:16 pm

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Quote from: davidp on Oct 14, 2014, 09:46 am
(the amount of background noise/incidental music on those eps is incredible).

Preaching to the choir, my friend.  Between garbage microphones, ancient tapes that sat around for who knows how long before being digitized, and a number of other factors, such a task is a nightmare at best.  I wish you luck.

End of Line
The ultimate TARDIS of ultimate destiny.  Type 1012.  Now with extra duct tape.


Yep, sure is a nightmare task! And probably 75% of what he says is just derivations of Affirmative/Negative Master/Mistress. And then when you find a more interesting line of dialog in the scripts, and go to the trouble of digging out the DVD, finding the right scene etc, only to hear it being drowned out by background noise or the TARDIS "hum" or Tom speaking over the top of K9 (which he does a LOT), it's very wearisome!

I'll have a look through some of the SJA episodes that he was in, i'm hoping that there will be some clearer audio in those. Although tbh I'm only using a 3watt 4ohm speaker with amp anyway so even if the source audio were perfect quality, it'd lose something in the playback just from using such a rinky-dinky speaker

When it's all put together I'll upload a clip to youtube so you can hear it sounds


Definitely grab "I'm not programmed to bark." People ask that all the time. If you want I have a zip file on my server that has a handful of sounds including that one. Some are decently cleaned up.

Your K-9 looks amazing.


Hi David, I have a bunch of K9 Sound clips that a friend of mine recorded for our recreation of Shada if you're interested the link is here....

Hope that comes in handy ;)



Wow BioDoctor that's fantastic, thank you so much! I've grabbed a copy of them, can't wait to get home and listen through them!

kenny_z if you could share the zip file that'd be brill.. I did look at getting "i'm not programmed to bark" but I think there was too much background noise on it for me to do much with - i'm not an expert in clearing up audio though so yours is likely much better - thanks!


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I'm definitely no expert but it's not a bad pull. Hope these help.

I am definitely going to use "Permission to blast them, Master?" Thanks BioDoctor.


that's fantastic, thank you. I'd be happy to share my wav files (approx 20 or so from the early k9 eps) if anyone is interested but I should warn you they're 22khz 8bit mono designed for a 3w speaker