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Started by torran, May 22, 2014, 10:11 pm

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When looking at the Series 8 box compared to earlier versions, I noticed something odd about the posts at either side of the sign box.


On the Series 8 box, this bit seems to have disappeared, as I cannot see an outline for it on any pictures I have seen so far of filming.
Not only that, the sign boxes seem to be closer to the edges of the posts compared to older boxes.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?
Reference pic:


However on the following picture it may appear that the height has been adjusted to fit the top of the sign box and the gap between has been removed or is now very small.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

mr mcgoo

On the link you posted, the detail can be seen on the left side of the post. (left from the corner)


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As mr mcgoo says, you can see the details; the photo isn't that crisp, but if you look closely, they are there:

Here's the close corner (extreme close-up cropped from the "original" size of the photo); the arrows highlight the detail. It's very difficult to see it where the right arrow is pointing because of the detail being in the shadow of the Top Sign box (which I guess is better than being in the Shadow of the Colossus ;)), but if you strain your eyes you can just make it out. (Not the best photo, but I sharpened it the best I could, and lightened it up a bit so the detail would stand out.)

Again the arrows are highlighting the detail on the other corner post. (Cropped from the same sharpened and lightened photo as above.)

Again cropped from the same photo, the back left corner detail.

The same photo, smaller version, still sharpened and lightened a bit and cropped to show just the top. You can see the detail in the corners (highlighted by the circles), and even the line of it running down the edges of the posts (highlighted by the arrows; the second arrow from the left is pointing to the line, but the line is hard to see because of the lightening of the image).

And finally a bit of Series 7b (cropped for only the top): again the arrows highlight the details. This image was also sharpened a bit, and lightened just a hair so things would show up more.

I hope this helps clear things up. It's hard to tell from the image you posted because the red lines obscure any detail that might be there (even if it takes a little straining of the eyes to see). That image is also different than the ones you've linked to, so that really makes it hard to tell, but on the whole going by the linked images, I'd say that detail is still very much there, and it may just be the lighting that makes it hard to see.

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Thanks for pointing that out, however, it still appears that the top of this detail comes to rest level with the top of the sign box, where as on previous boxes it was a bit lower.
Although, on the first picture you posted, the detail appears to carry on and wrap around the sign box...


Also, it's hard to tell as I can't find a shot taken purely of the front, but do the sign boxes appear closer to the edges (as in, wider) than they used to be to any of you guys?

mr mcgoo

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This is what I see, red line shapes are my annotations.


EDIT: I just realised this, but the corner posts are shorter than the previous Smith TARDISes. I think you were right on that hypothesis. Anyone else have nay thoughts on this?


I think you are right.  The routered detail does not go to the top anymore, but stops at the top of the sign boxes.  But how do you figure the Series 8 prop has shorter corner posts?
Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff

mr mcgoo

You're right Bill, my bad. Trick of light in the Capaldi shot makes it look smaller. Going through other reference images it matches up almost identically.