BioDoctor900's CO Sized Cardboard Model TARDIS

Started by BioDoctor900, Feb 14, 2014, 11:06 am

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Feb 14, 2014, 11:06 am Last Edit: Mar 21, 2015, 04:54 pm by BioDoctor900
Well Among refurblishing my big box and planning my Fan Series, I've been at college. I'm Specialising in 3D and we were looking at Planes of objects and we were told to build something, so how could I resist. I went and built a model TARDIS from 2mm Card. I drew it all out and put it together, it took about 5 hours to build. I was pretty happy with it and when I got it home I put it next to my CO Tennant TARDIS and it was Exactly the same height, although the proportioning of the panels and the positioning of the top signs were a little out. So here it is....













I'm always impressed (and envious) of anyone who makes a CO-scale model.  My models are a bit bigger because my fingers are too fat and my eyesight too bad ("At my age...40 years man and boy...the youth of today...!") to work that small. 

Damn it! I really ought to give it a go!  Your model is excellent, which shows it can be done.

I'd be interested in a close-up of the lamp and what you used.  The lamp's always a swine in models.


Well Lorisarvendu, Mine wasn't intentionally meant to be the same size, I just made it and it happened to be the exact same size. The Windows I used a milk bottle for and the lamp, its a clear drawing pin, I found it in the college workshop. The handles are just bits of copper wire and the lock is a tiny bit of sheet metal that I cut. Ill take a picture of it next to my CO TARDIS so you can see the differences. I am thinking about changing it to a Brachacki box due to the fact that the roof stack is more in that style.

I can change the signs and the lantern, change the windows to white and put a St. Johns Ambulance Logo on it



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BioDoc, that TARDIS looks great! (I wouldn't change her.) If you want to have a Hartnell version, well, build another! You're obviously good at it, and one can never have too many TARDISes around the house. ;)

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