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New, New TardisBuilders!


Started by galacticprobe, Feb 05, 2014, 07:31 pm

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Good call on the spoked wheels.  As someone who has a motorcycle with spoked wheels (chromed, of course), I get what you're saying about maintenance.  The wire wheels look darned nice.  And the faux spoked hubcaps look godawful IMO.  But in between is the heftier wood(?) spokes?  I'd be tempted to do something like that if I wanted something Bessie-like. 

The thing I meant to mention, but forgot, is auto restoration geeks.  There are people who restore vintage cars.  Some update them and "improve" on the original design.  Some do the "perfect" restoration of the original specs.  And then there are the uber-OCD people.  If the factory made marks on the chassis with chalk during assembly, they'll put those on it.  If there was a defect in the way a weld was done on that model, they'll intentionally do the weld that way--even if it makes the vehicle less than optimal. 

As someone of German heritage, I've strived (strove?  striven?) to make my 24 year old motorcycle as close to stock as I could on my budget.  But at this point I'm sorely tempted to put on bar mirrors, because I can't get the stock mirrors and the shorter mirrors I can get only allow me to check up on what my elbows are doing.  Also the bar-end mirrors look cooler.  For that matter, aftermarket signals would accomplish a couple things.  But I haven't made the leap yet. 
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kert gantry

Got to say the beautiful restored car on that Siva site looks more like Bessie than Bessie does these days.


Quote from: davidnagel on Feb 28, 2014, 09:22 am
Bessie also made an appearance in the fan film "Gene Genius" by The Projection Room and cameoed Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as their respective TV characters. However I do not believe this was a TV used Bessie but a very good recreation, or original car that was painted up to look like Bessie. We could always enquire about that in terms of technical details?

Could the car they used in that be "McGinty"? I remember at the Llangollen exhibition they had the original Bessie inside and then a replica called McGinty which sat outside on the driveway.


Vortex, you might be right on that account! I believe that is the name I recall hearing when the production was originally out.


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If only I had the money! She sure is a beauty. (Shipping alone to the US would be more than the "Make offer" asking price.) And I've been to that web site the seller references. It's a site devoted to "Bessie", and somewhere on there you'll also find a copy of the letter Jon Pertwee sent my wife and I about Bessie.

Maybe when I hit the lottery (and after I use that new-found wealth to convince the BBC Props Department to build me a replica of the 2005 console!) I'll travel the UK in search of a Siva that I can buy and bring back with me. ;D

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Just checked my Lottery numbers...

Sadly I won't be buying Bessie this week...  :-[


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If anyone decides to build, design or rent, Bessie. What ever the case may be. Make sure she has an anti-thief device so no one can cart her off.  ;D



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Be careful with this one. A few years ago we had a member that talked about giving a custom sonic screwdriver this "Anti Thief Device" capability. I explained in detail the principle behind the operation of such a device as it was used in the episode (as an electronics tech I know exactly how it works), which can be very dangerous, and in most places is highly illegal. (That topic was pulled and I believe locked away in "the Vault" because of the dangers involved.)

Like I always say - Safety First! (And that goes for members as well as the general public.)

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I'm just kidding about the anti-thief.  ;D  If someone wanted to add an anti thief device to there Bessie it wold be a recorded sound from the episode, or like an actual anti-thief device, a loud noise, turns off the car & dead locks the brakes.


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Oh, there's nothing wrong with having an "Anti Thief Device" installed in a Bessie replica (especially with that label next to the switch!). But at least you clarified what you meant: car alarm - and I really like the idea of locking the brakes and killing the ignition. I was just afraid when you didn't have that clarified in your first post that someone would take it literally, watch the episode to see how it worked on screen, and then set about to build such a device for his car (whether a Bessie replica or not).

It's usually a very enthusiastic person that thinks of something like that; it doesn't necessarily have to be one of our members since non-member can also see posts (they can't post anything, but they can read them).

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When you said.
Quote from: galacticprobe on May 24, 2015, 05:14 am
Be careful with this one. A few years ago we had a member that talked about giving a custom sonic screwdriver this "Anti Thief Device" capability.

I was thinking, someone took one of those gag socking novelty items. Like a shocking pen or lighter.
(Now that I've said it someone is going to try it. Funny & less dangerous.)


Da hell is that battery on the side for? Can't be the starter can it? :P


tony farrell

Well, I can tell you the photo was taken on location for The Time Monster but not what the box is.

Here are the others from the same 'shoot':



Great pics Tony!

I believe that the car's battery was supposed to be mounted on the running boards ( and usually in a decorative wooden box but here was seen in the raw.