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Capaldi Tardis Exterior

Started by Dalekoracle, Jan 28, 2014, 10:51 am

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Quote from: Angelus Lupus on Jun 26, 2016, 01:53 pm
Partly because I wanted to see the difference for myself, and partly because I'm enjoying playing with the perspective correction tools, I knocked this up from the two recent images to show just how significant the changes are. It even looks like PULL TO OPEN is a different height.
how do!

Could any changes actually be a result of the perspective? The letters are raised, will the depth of the letter not effect the way we look at them in 2D?


Maybe we could find a picture of the S9 box at a similar angle, and then compare the two signs?

Angelus Lupus

Jun 27, 2016, 03:47 pm #77 Last Edit: Jun 27, 2016, 04:12 pm by Angelus Lupus
Yeah, thinking about it again, any variation in the letter sizing is probably either due to the angle the photo was taken at, or minor inaccuracy in how I corrected the perspective.

Having said that.. even assuming the fonts and sizing are the same, it's clear (as already pointed out by LMC97) that the spacing of the lines/paragraphs is different.

Addendum: I've played with the top sign and I agree that the PUBLIC CALL is no longer 'squished'. It's a subtle difference, I wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't been pointed out, but I think I prefer it.
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Look! I found a straight-on shot of this sign!
The thing that's blocking the sign is Pearl Mackie's afro...


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That's a great shot of the new sign. So it does seem that there are a few differences with the new sign compared to the past signs. Such as the sizes and spacing of the paragraphs. Well done on getting the that image nebula1253.



Not sure if anyones seen this, but I may as well put it here.Cn9R3LMWYAA598A.jpg


the "public call" section is definitely less squashed. guess they were trying to make the box feel more uniform or something. i can't really think of another reason why they'd change the pull to open and police box sign so drastically.


cool throwback.jpg
A great shot of the new sign... and a throwback to the Hartnell years.


to be honest i'm not hating it   :o

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Hang on, I've noticed one thing...
The sign panel and the corresponding panel on the other door are at slightly different heights!


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Quote from: nebula1253 on Aug 20, 2016, 02:29 pm
The sign panel and the corresponding panel on the other door are at slightly different heights!

They do look to be slightly off-kilter...
cool throwback.jpg
...but then so do the Center Divide and Door alignments. Here's that image lightened to better see the lines of the rails and stiles, with some true horizontal and vertical guide lines for reference. It may be that the box is just set up on unleveled ground - or only partly assembled - leading to it leaning to one side a bit, and that's what's throwing the perspective off.

Just a thought. (By the way, is that "Out of Order" sign really hanging on the handle, or is that a Photoshop special?)

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cool%20throwback_zpsizg0ylli.jpg  uotfv%20yi_zpsap97zyit.jpg
Nice attention to detail with the typeface. I do hope its actually a "thing", and not just photoshop... :)

Maybe we have an episode set in the 60's next year?


Maybe we could have a prop accurate to the real police boxes, and have Bill tell the Doctor exactly how inaccurate the TARDIS is to a real police box, and how pointless it would be to put a sign on anyway, as nobody in their right minds would mistake the TARDIS for a real box.

Moffat, are you listening? ;)


Has it really, ever been accurate..? :D